OL: Bosz saved, finally a good choice signed by Aulas

OL: Bosz saved, finally a good choice signed by Aulas

Despite Lyon’s disastrous season, the leaders decided to keep Peter Bosz as the team’s coach.

A dubious choice, however, which was crucial to stability in Jean-Michel Aulase’s eyes. Criticized several times in recent seasons, did President Olympique Lyonnais make the right choice this time by keeping Peter Bosz? Everyone has their own opinion. Kevin Diaz broadcast his on the RMC antenna. And for the former professional player in the Netherlands, who knows Peter Bosz and his methods very well, there is no doubt that Jean-Michel Aulas made the right choice when he kept the OL coach, despite the doubts of some supporters of him after Les Gones. eighth place in Ligue 1. After Foot consultant is convinced that Peter Bosz can adhere to the philosophy of Lyon, who wants to rely more than ever on his excellent training center in the future. Peter Bosz may not be the coach who will lead Lyon back to the title of the French League or the French Cup in the coming years, but it will certainly allow the young people from the academy to develop. There is no doubt about Kevin Diaz, who welcomes the decision of Jean-Michel Aulas and Peter Bosz.

Kevin Diaz welcomes Aulas’ decision with Bosz

“If I didn’t know Peter Bosz very well, whom I respect very much, it wouldn’t seem illogical to me that Jean-Michel Aulas wanted to change coach and do something else. Now, given where Olympique Lyonnais comes from, who is in a difficult position on and off the pitch, I don’t think stability will ever hurt. Especially when you have a good coach on the bench. Peter Bosz is not a great coach, but he is a good coach who can stick with this club, which attaches great importance to training, which wants to leave room for young people and which has quality in its training center. He is a coach who can help players advance. I don’t know if he will win the titles, but if you are serious about Peter Bosz, you proceed when you are a player, which is not the case with all coaches. On the other hand, what we will have to do is provide him with the means to succeed by letting him work in peace. praised the RMC consultant, pleased to see that the president of the big club Ligue 1 gives time to one of his coaches despite the unsatisfactory results in his first season. Peter Bosz, on the other hand, will have no right to make mistakes during his second season on the Lyon bench.

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