Olympian Motors O1, a big neo-retro electric sedan that’s not for everyone

Olympian Motors O1, a big neo-retro electric sedan that's not for everyone

Every day around the world, a new brand that offers a high-end electric car seems to be emerging, and that Sunday is the Olympian Motors O1.

There are now countless start-ups that suddenly emerge out of nowhere with an electric car project presented as revolutionary and – yes, a famous buzzword that inevitably makes you suspicious – disruptive. And the latest addition from California is called Olympian Motors, whose description accompanying the performance of his O1 is breathtaking. In terms of style, we definitely have a neo-retro approach, peering furiously after the pre-war Art Deco period with a result reminiscent of what a sedan version of the Morgan Aero 8 might be. a huge car, almost 5 meters long and over a carbon fiber body exceeding two tons.

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The interior tries to be as anachronistic as possible with a minimalist atmosphere, which is ensured by the absence of screens and even buttons, all through voice commands and a head-up display with augmented reality.

Technically, the Olympian Motors O1 has a single engine that sends 310 hp and 414 Nm to the rear wheels and is powered by an 82 kWh lithium-ion battery that can be recharged with 11 kW AC and 125 kW DC. Acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h seems a bit ambitious given the weight / power ratio, with a top speed of 257 km / h and less than six seconds announced, but autonomy works a bit more credibly, with 490 km.

The refreshing thing is that it’s not another four-seater monster and even more amazing is that the price looks almost low compared to its specifics and ambitions, with prices starting at 100,000 USD, ie around 93,000 EUR. On the other hand, the description accompanying the car, which today exists only through computer-generated images, reveals a certain amount, as the brand name has already suggested. Know that it is not a car, but “an experience, a way to have fun, relax, breathe and find comfort in a rapidly changing world”, “a perfect balance between nature, minimalism and aesthetics” and, above all, that it is dedicated to “all entrepreneurs , artists, scientists and athletes ’.

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