OM Mercato: confirmed for Saliba…

OM Mercato: confirmed for Saliba…

While his first season in the Marseille jersey is successful and everyone in the club wants to keep it, William Saliba should return to Arsenal. Mikel Arteta wants to reintegrate him into the workforce and is even considering an extension.

One of the great satisfaction of this season is one that all fans agree on: it’s a great season for William Saliba. The midfielder, who came to visit from Arsenal last summer, spent the entire season, when he was very few of the eleven invented by Jorge Sampaoli. He became a masterpiece and impressed all year round with his calmness, ability to revive and solidity in fights. From now on, the former Saint-Etienne’s loan will end, and if everyone in the club from Longoria to Sampaoli wants to keep it, the player will return to London, to his club.

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Saliba left to stay and extend at Arsenal?

The situation of the Bondy native remained a bit unclear and he did not know what his future would look like. With a loan without the option to buy a defender, he knew he would return to Arsenal without knowing what his coach Mikel Arteta was planning for him. It’s done now. According to Fabrizio Roman, a journalist who specializes in transfers, Arsenal and their coach would see Salib as an important player for the future and present of the club. The English side would even like to start negotiations to extend the agreement with Saliba, which is valid until 2024. News that is unlikely to please Pablo Longoria, who wanted to keep the French international at all costs.

Longoria still has hope for Saliba!

While the trend looks like Saliba’s return to Arsenal, Pablo Longoria does not rule out the possibility of retaining the French midfielder. Arteta has made it clear that Saliba is counting on next season, but OM hopes to find a solution to keep the player who seems to be leaning towards next season in Marseille with the addition of the Champions League …

there is the will of the player, the will of the club … But above all we must respect Arsenal

“We had a lot of conversations about analyzing William Saliba’s season, especially in recent days. It is experiencing an extraordinary season with one of the highest matches in Europe. He also joined the France team, which is incredible at his age. We discussed a lot internally about what we can do to find out what the options are. We respect his club, we have to thank Arsenal. It is a friendly club that has helped us a lot in the last transfer period. We have a very good relationship. We have to talk, find out if there is a possibility of an agreement between the clubs, there is the will of the player, the will of the club … But above all we have to respect Arsenal. (…) Pay EUR 30 million? I’m not talking about numbers or prices. There are different strategies, different ways to enter into transactions. In particular, it is necessary to agree if there are ways to move forward. In France, I realize that we talk a lot about transfer pricing. Operations are much more complicated than just talking about a fixed transfer price. Because it’s not the same as paying 60 million euros in cash or 60 million euros in six or seven years. Everyone knows the value of the player. We won’t find out, but there are a lot of conversations in football. You have to respect everyone. Because in the end, when Arsenal took William Saliba from Saint-Etienne, he put a lot of economic effort into the young player. In football, everything is a matter of respect and balance between all“. Pablo Longoria – source: RMC (25.05.2022)

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