Paid parking in Paris: City Hall wants to offer a pass for a motorized two-wheeler

Paid parking in Paris: City Hall wants to offer a pass for a motorized two-wheeler

The Paris Council will examine this proposal, which is to accompany the end of free surface parking scheduled for September.

Deadline is approaching. From September 2022, bicycles will no longer be able to park for free in Paris. Within this end of free entry, he envisages a proposal for a meeting published by the town hall to create a so-calledride two laps“Objective: to provide parking in underground garages”more attractive»For two-wheelers by offering a subscription allowing entry to these private car parks at better prices.

Specifically, according to the text of the meeting to be submitted to the Board of Directors from 31 May, “2WD passage»Allows you to subscribe«reference park“Which the driver can choose to gain access to”discounted hourly parkingOther parking spaceseligible for the scheme»Will also be accessible to drivers at a discounted rate. The list of these parks is not yet known, but Paris City Hall claims to have identified 90 of them. The system should eventually include others, we are still on the side of City Hall.

Prices for this subscription will vary, as with surface parking spaces, depending onareason which there are underground parking lots. From the 1st to the 11th district, the price of the subscription will be 90 euros per month in order to use the hourly rate of 1.20 euros. From the 12th to the 20th city district, the subscription will be charged 70 euros at an hourly rate of 80 cents.

Equipment criticized by bikers

This free end was expected from 2020, during the municipal campaign. Anne Hidalgo, who ran for the second term as mayor of Paris, believed that there was atoo many motorized bicycles that park anywhere do not respect bike paths, sidewalksThe measure was then taken by David Belliard, an assistant environmentalist responsible for travel, as part of a more global policy to re-use the parking space. However, the MEP guaranteed that “priority audiencewould also have access to more parking spaces. Among them, people with reduced mobility, but also professionals such as couriers, taxi drivers, or even nursing staff.

The town hall’s plan was widely criticized by motorcyclists. In a joint press release published in December, several condemned the “inappropriate“Pointing to the low number of seats added to Paris City Hall for two bikes, which can no longer fine parking on the sidewalks. The mayor of Paris has promised about 5,000 more seats for motorized two-wheelers, a number well below the daily number of users of this type of vehicle in the capital.

Biker federations also fear parking costs, which will de facto create a new cost item for drivers. Exception to this rule: electric bicycles, which can still park for free in the capital.


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