Parents condemn medical errors after the death of their 12-year-old daughter for breast cancer

Parents condemn medical errors after the death of their 12-year-old daughter for breast cancer

Shiloh’s 12-year-old parents condemn medical errors after their daughter died of breast cancer.

Doctors told us that breast cancer did not exist in 12-year-old children“. Mother Shiloh12, doctors always said the same when she mentioned the possibility of redness and pimples on one of her daughter’s breasts could be of cancerous origin. However, it is breast cancer that a young girl had last December.

The doctors found other explanations when they told us, for example, that the swelling and redness in the left breast was caused by a scratch from our cat.“Explains his mother Diane Diakity.

It was in April 2021 that the mother discovered redness and swelling in her daughter’s left breast. I saw her when she was in the bathtub, and I decided to take her to the GP. He advised me to do an ultrasound.recalls.

Parents very quickly encounter a general misunderstanding in the medical profession. We went from meeting to meeting. Some advised us to treat it with anti – inflammatory and antibiotics, others to see and dermatologist “. The mother also notes that apart from the family’s general practitioner, no paramedic palpates her daughter’s left breast.

After months of treatment without results, Shiloh is admitted to Argenteuil Hospital. It comes out ten days later without further explanation. It was not until August 2021 that a breast cancer diagnosis was made. At this stage of the tumor, the referring physician in Shiloh told us it was no longer operable. We understand that it is too late, and we blame all the members of the medical profession who sent Shiloh from service to service to finally get to this stage where nothing can be done anymore.Diane complains Diakity.

The parents want to file a complaint against all the doctors who refused to prescribe the daughter tests. For Modibo Diakitydad Shiloh, condemn medical wanderings by different departments. I never once felt that the paramedics had done everything to save my daughterHe protests.

For the couple’s lawyer, Sabine doucinaud, the aim of the procedure isunderstand the responsibilities of each health care provider, find out why he refused to look for other possible diagnoses.

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