Pokéclicker: Knowing all about Parc Safari

Pokéclicker: Knowing all about Parc Safari

news tip Pokéclicker: Knowing all about Parc Safari

Safari Park is one of the emblematic locations of the Pokémon license, and as you can imagine, it is obviously part of Pokéclicker. However, many of its functions can be lost, and we will explain it to you in detail in this article.

Where can you find Safari Park?

The good news, if you’re a big Safari Park fan in Pokémon, is that it’s located in Kanto, which is none other than the very first region available on Pokéclicker. Simply move forward on the roads and once Route 15 is complete, you will have access to Parc Safari.

However, in order to enter it, you will have to beat the champion of the arena Fuschia City Koga in advanceso he will give you a ticket that will allow you to enter. Next time you will have to pay an entry point, which is 100 quest points, in order to return there.

Once you are in Safari Park, there is a new game. Due, You have to walk and walk on Pokémon or in the tall grass like in the classic video game Pokémon. However, once it is done, the classic fight will not open, but a new window will open.

In this you will have several options, try to catch a Pokémon, offer him a bait that reduces the capture rate, but also the escape rate. or throw a stone at him to increase the speed of capture, but also escape.

It’s up to you how you manage it and see if you prefer a higher captivity with a high probability of escape or a very low escape rate, but with a minimal chance of capture. Finally, to help you, it is also possible to use berries harvested on your farm. Due, Razz divides the chance to escape by 1.5 and Nanab increases the chance to capture 1.5. Once you use up your 30 Pokéballs, you will be escorted to the exit.

Pokémon found in Safari Park

In Safari Park you will be able to get a total of 16 different Pokémon, But you should know that not everyone is equally likely to show up. Therefore, we recommend that you find a complete list of each occurrence rate below. For Pokémon whose name differs between the English and French versions, we have given the name in parentheses in VF.

  • Nidoran F: 9.04%
  • Nidorina: 6.02%
  • Nidoran M: 15.06%
  • Nidorino: 6.02
  • Exeggcute (egg nut): 12.5%
  • Paras: 3.01%
  • Parasek: 9.04%
  • Rhyhorn (rhinoceros): 6.02%
  • Chansey (chansey): 2.41%
  • Scyther (Scyther): 2.41%
  • Pinsir (Scarabrute): 2.41%
  • Kangaskhan (Kangourex): 9.04%
  • Bulls: 6.02%
  • Cubone (Osselait): 6.02%
  • Marowak (Observer): 3.01%
  • Tangela (Saquedeneu): 2.41%
Pokéclicker: Knowing all about Parc Safari

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