Pregnancy, childbirth, the postpartum period: What she would like to know before she became pregnant

Grossesse, accouchement, post-partum : Ce qu’elle aurait aimé savoir avant d’être enceinte

The mother of her 10-year-old daughter Marion is pregnant for the second time. This new pregnancy throws her back into the “path” of this phase, happy memories, but strewn with difficulties to face, often in silence.

By SF – Posted on Sunday, May 29, 2022 at 8:46 AM

Pregnancy, childbirth, the postpartum period: What she would like to know before she became pregnant

When you first become a mother, you don’t really know what to expect. We often suffer, Marion regrets, in the seventh month of pregnancy.

“Taboo of the first three months”

15 to 20% of pregnancies end in miscarriage during the first weeks. This first trimester of pregnancy is often experienced in the shadows, this is the case of Marion, who experienced it very poorly:

I was a little depressed during the first three months. We are already going through pregnancy, our body is changing and we have to hide it, because we can lose the baby at any time. We don’t even have to be recognized by the medical field, because the first ultrasound is in three months, when they give us a pregnancy card and we are recognized as future mothers.“, Confides a young mother who regrets that there is no greater support during this period.

Her first pregnancy, she explains, allowed her to know what she no longer wanted. Sporty, Marion met with a midwife, who strongly advised her to stop, under penalty of seeing her collar.don’t hold on “which she refused to do:
She didn’t take the time to listen to my sport, so I doubted. I thought I had to stop playing sports, one of the few things that helps me stay myself, and in the end I went to someone else, which I didn’t do. I wouldn’t do it for the first time. “.

“How many are there?”

From this first experience of motherhood, she also remembers that you have to surround yourself well and that some people can be, sometimes involuntarily, very intrusive. It shows an anthology of thoughtful considerations to avoid when facing a pregnant woman:He has a big belly, or a belly is not enough“And on the principle of”Are you expecting twins?“, “How many are there?”Oh, are you up soon? “. To cut a long story short, “when you are facing a pregnant woman, all you have to do is ask her how she is doing and if her child is OK, that’s all … “. And advice to people who dare to touch the belly of pregnant women: “Stop”.

“Don’t feel guilty for ever regretting your life before”

Before her first pregnancy, Marion would have liked to be told that this experience would not be completely rosy. “knowing that sometimes we can want this child as much as we want, we may experience it badly and we may not feel guilty. There are times when it is physically very difficult. We gain weight, we see our bodies change, sometimes we have appetites that attack us, sometimes we feel sick, we have a constant fear that something will not work with the baby and we have the impression that we can’t complain. You shouldn’t even feel guilty about ever regretting your previous life. “

After birth: “Feeling dizzy”

As for the birth, the mother of the family did not feel sufficiently prepared for the first time, despite the preparatory courses.

“We are not sufficiently prepared for all possible scenarios. The epidural was put on me very early, I was not active at all during the birth. You can say ‘I don’t want an episiotomy’, I didn’t know.”.

Childbirth, we believe it’s the end of the problem, but it’s really the beginning, ” warns Marion, who describes feeling dizzy. “We don’t expect that.” We look at each other and no longer know each other. We are completely overwhelmed from the inside, we sometimes have tears, an episiotomy or a scar from a caesarean section, which we also have to manage. We have a lochie, breastfeeding for someone and a baby that is not a finished being“,

Pro Marion, “Childbirth is a beautiful moment, a pivotal moment, but that’s not all. It comes then, the real adventure“He concludes.

How to say it…
on 29.05.2022 09:18

Even if we told you, nothing would change. Hearing about pregnancy and childbirth and experiencing these are two different things. And every birth is different.

on 29.05.2022 10:36

You have to think before you bust out boyo

Yes Yes
on 29.05.2022 10:38

And to think that our grandmothers did more than 10 years (my mother-in-law 12) without asking all these questions and working hard until the birth. They were brave women.

I’m so proud
on 29.05.2022 12:02

Good luck in childbirth in the Middle Ages medical ….

on 29.05.2022 12:33

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on 29.05.2022 14:03

She is basically pregnant again. What is the purpose of this article?

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