PS5: End of shortage and sales better than PS4 soon according to Sony

PS5: End of shortage and sales better than PS4 soon according to Sony

business newspaper PS5: End of shortage and sales better than PS4 soon according to Sony

Playstation 5 has been in circulation for almost two years, but players are still trying to get their hands on it. The situation is caused by many factors, including the component crisis experienced by the technology industry. However, Sony is optimistic and hopes for better sales by 2024, according to a recent financial report.

The PS5 lags behind its big sister

As we know, Sony is trying to distribute its latest console. Unfortunately, this difficult situation has been true for manufacturers since the launch of the console in November 2020 and is mainly due to the component crisis that we are still going through. But according to Sony, this is not the only factor that needs to be taken into account today, because the giant recently explained that the situation in Ukraine also had a strong impact on the distribution of its machines.

But Sony is not desperate! In a recent financial report, the manufacturer expects significant sales growth by 2024, when the PS5 should outperform its older Playstation 4.

If the last born sold better than his big sister in the year of his release, he has never been able to beat him since. There is currently no possible remedy and Sony has even restarted production of the PS4 to compensate for the shortage of the PS5.

A well-oiled strategy

So how does Sony plan to address the PS5 shortage? As the chart explains, the manufacturer still expects to fight COVID-19 and the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, but hopes to be able to count on the support of several potential partners. The giant is currently negotiating to maintain the best possible logistics for delivering its machine inventory, but also hopes to reach component quotas by working with several suppliers simultaneously.

Sony is therefore making every effort to meet significant demand, but we must remain realistic: In order to “return to normal” and hope that the PS5 will get into your hands, we will have to patiently accept our difficulties and wait until 2024. Or you can update your console inventory pages daily to hope you’re in the right place at the right time.

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