PSG is changing its plans, a big surprise for Donnarumma

PSG is changing its plans, a big surprise for Donnarumma

While waiting for Luis Campos to arrive, Paris SG is still preparing for next season. With a strong decision in the goal.

PSG’s first need will be to find a coach to replace Mauritius Pochettino, whose days are numbered, after the appointment of the Portuguese sports director. Zinedine Zidane is a top priority for Qatar, but we will need to quickly find a way to look at the transfer market in coordination with whoever sits on the bench at the Parc des Princes. At the moment, certainties are scarce, but the two pieces of information revealed by Le Parisien are likely to make noise.

PSG firmly believes in Sergio Ramos

Not necessarily the first, which is a confirmation that we are counting on Sergio Ramos in Paris SG next season. The middle defender was a big disappointment of the season, several months without a single match. If he ended the season by actively participating in the title, it was expected of him in March, when PSG clashed with Real Madrid, and not two months later. For those who negotiated a huge contract, linked to his record more than his last season in Madrid, the main club had trouble digesting these repeated injuries. But the idea of ​​a friendly farewell after one year was swept away. Thanks to the improvement of his physical condition and convincing presence in the last matches with Paris SG, which confirmed that when he is in good shape, Sergio Ramos remains the leading middle defender.

Another great piece of information for this summer is about the goalkeeper’s post. The competition between Gigio Donnarumma and Keylor Navas turned out badly. Not that both men got hurt, far from it, but the constant uncertainty around the holder at every encounter weighed on people’s minds. And in a position where self-confidence remains in first place, neither goalkeeper has enjoyed this season. Both the Italian and the Costa Rican have recently made it known that they no longer want to undergo this. And yet the situation could easily repeat next season. According to Le Parisien, PSG plans to persuade Navas to stay, but to accept the role of Donnarumma’s deputy.

Navas tried to stay in PSG

The Italian has a future for him and would be number 1 with his former rival number 2. Nasser Al-Khelaïfi would avoid searching and paying for having to find a substitute in the goal, while he has a high level goalkeeper under his command. The former Real Madrid will therefore have to decide between falling demand but big goals with Paris SG, or moving to a less luxurious club, which is also less profitable but prolongs playing time. In this case, a big turnaround, which he could do well for the Parisian locker room, which Keylora Navase appreciates for his experience and peace of mind. And reciprocation is true, Navas wants to continue PSG for several more seasons.

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