PSG: “It’s vital for Paris and French football,” Henry is pleased with Mbappe’s extension

PSG: "It's vital for Paris and French football," Henry is pleased with Mbappe's extension

In recent months, Thierry Henry has been watching the soap opera about the future of Kylian Mbappé closely. And the top scorer in Blues history is delighted to see the 23-year-old striker continue his PSG adventure.

Thierry Henry sat in the front row during the UNFP Trophies ceremony, which took place ten days ago at Pavillon Gabriel. In the west of Paris. Right next to Kylian Mbappé. The best scorer in the history of the Blues took the opportunity to chat all evening with the 23-year-old striker. Without knowing that he was preparing to repel Real Madrid’s move to extend his adventures in the PSG (until 2025). An announcement that pleased the former Arsenal idol.

“It’s huge for French football. I thought he was leaving, he confided with the remarks made by Goal. I think he changed his mind. I don’t know exactly what happened to him. He changed his mind (…) There must have been something deep in the discussion. “I saw that some people were calling him. When the president (Emmanuel Macron, editor’s note) called him to stay, it was crazy.”

“Fortunately he stayed”

Despite the anger of the people of Madrid and the huge sums carried by the Spanish press, Henry does not think Mbappé will stay in Paris for financial reasons. “The club obviously has it in its heart,” recalls the 1998 world champion. Something would still go anywhere, wherever he went, but he wanted to stay. “

Mbappé’s election will allow PSG to reorganize in order to maintain its dreams of European glory. By pulling the whole hexagonal football boot up. In any case, Henry hopes so. “We don’t win at the club level in Europe often. We only have two wins. I believe it was PSG who won the Cup against Rapid Vienna (1996) and Marseille defeated Milan (1993),” notes Titi, now a consultant for Prime Video. We don’t have many things, so if you lose a guy like Kylian, it will be a little hard for PSG to get out of it, but win it. vital for Kylian to stay. “

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