PSG: Mbappé, the Doha holidays were a secret

PSG: Mbappé, the Doha holidays were a secret

One week after the extension of Kylian Mbappé’s extension to Paris Saint-Germain, certain details of the meeting are revealed. And we learn that the attacker’s mother’s famous stay in Qatar weighed down.

Real Madrid is preparing for the long-awaited Champions League final against Liverpool, this Saturday night at the Stade de France, which is an opportunity for Merengue to forget to slap last Saturday a few kilometers from the Dionysian fence. Last Saturday, Kylian Mbappé and Nasser Al-Khelaifi formalized the decision of the “best footballer in the world” to extend the contract with PSG until 2025 on the lawn of the Parc des Princes for the next three years. An election that has made Parisian supporters happy, fortunate to be able to inflict such contempt on Madrid two months after the Champions League. On the Spanish side, although the anger of Florentino Perez’s early days gave way to indifference, feigned or not, we probably really want to know when the train that sent Kyliano Mbappé to Real Madrid derailed when all signals were green. And this Saturday the Spanish champion knows a little more.

The Emir changed his method, the Mbappé clan appreciated

In La Liga and the anger of Javier Tebas proves this, we are still convinced of that Paris Saint-Germain placed a mountain of gold on the negotiating table to convince Kylian Mbappé, and that was enough to turn the French forward and his surroundings. But the reality is clearly different, because we now know that throughout the operation, Real Madrid and PSG’s bids were similar or almost. According to L’Equipe, it was with a bet on the Antero Henrique-Luis Ferrer duo that Nasser Al-Khelaifi and Doha were able to reverse a trend that seemed very negative, knowing that Leonardo was in a closet in Mbappé’s file. Referring to the strategy put in place during the 2017 transition period, which allowed the AS Monaco striker to sign under the nose of Florentino Perez, the leaders of the French champion recalled both men to get involved in the problem. extension of a tricolor star. And that materialized with Kylian Mbappý’s mother confirms the sport on a daily basis.

The Mbappé clan in Doha, PSG scores

More than a month ago, Fayza Lamari traveled to Qatar from ” holiday “Which was involuntarily or involuntarily revealed by Ethan Mbappé. Kylian’s brother, who also plays for Paris Saint-Germain, published on social media, a photo where he was identified as in Doha. The information spread rapidly and inevitably caused a huge uproar as far as Madrid. And if this story seemed unofficial at first glance, sports media journalists explain that the file probably leaned in the right direction for PSG during this short Qatari stay: ” The president of Paris, who worked a lot in the shadows for a year, commissioned Anter Henrique to find words that could shake the Mbappé family (…) Al-Khelaïfi knows the strategic side of the Portuguese and hears rely on it when the game looks almost lost . He wants to re-create the same conditions as in 2017, when Paris focused on the young French international and snatched him from the principality. Another man was invaluable during this period: Luis Ferrer (…) Ferrer, famous for his benevolence and good nature, is a man who inspires confidence. His words are reassuring, his word is being listened to. This time it was in Doha, where they operated with Henrique, when the mother of the Parisian striker spent a few days of vacation there at the end of April. Then they tried to put it all together, starting from scratch and pretending that Madrid is the same competitor as in 2017. »

Kylian is Paris, good job Al-Khelaifi

As at the end of April, when the presence of Kylian Mbappé’s mother in Qatar was revealed, there was no meeting of this mother with the Emir of Qatar. But it was during these few days in the hot climate of Doha everything probably leaned in favor of PSG and to the detriment of Real Madrid, even though it was the Parisian striker and no one else who made the last decision last week. By bringing back Anter Henrique and Luis Ferrer, two men he trusts who confirmed to him that Nasser Al-Khelaifi really intended to change everything, the Paris president carried out a great coup and retained Mbappé until 2025.

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