PSG: Mbappi’s extension, his future, Messi’s adaptation … Neymar’s truth!


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While many rumors announce that PSG wants to say goodbye to Neymar, he has reiterated his desire to stay at the club next season at Canal Football Club. He also mentioned the extension of Kylian Mbappé and the first season of Lionel Messi.

On the extension of Mbappé

“Yes, I talk a lot with Kylian. I admit I wasn’t aware until the last minute, I knew it the day before the announcement. I was very happy, very happy that Kylian decided to stay. I think the PSG project is what it is It is good for his career to stay in PSG for a few more years, to try to win the Champions League in his country, in the team of his city, so I think it is the right choice, maybe in the future he will want to change the air and play in another team, but I think his decision to stay right is having a player like Kylian on the team is very important.

In Messim

“Leo has spent many years in Barcelona, ​​it’s hard to adapt. It’s hard to change teams, cities. Besides, he’s not coming alone, but with his family. The language is different, too. It’s a lot of disturbing things.” There’s also a style of team play with players who end up not understanding the way he plays. So it’s a pity. Leo, Kylian and I are players who are always judged by their performances, statistics, titles, on everything. We know our responsibility and that’s why we always try to do our best. ”

About his future

“My ambitions are always the same, to win all possible titles. To play well, to win the World Cup, the Champions League. These are my ambitions for next season. (Win C1 with Paris) Maybe? No, to be with Paris. I have a contract with PSG, so there is no other option. Yes, it will be with PSG (laughs) “.


PSG star Neymar has returned to his future, the extension of Kylian Mbappé or Lionel Messi’s first season. And the Brazilian confirmed the trend: he wants to stay in PSG next season.

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