PSG Mercato: Pochettin’s succession, Luis Campos throws traces

PSG Mercato: Pochettin's succession, Luis Campos throws traces

PSG Mercato: Luis Campos is expected to succeed Mauritius Pochettino in place of Leonardo. He gave some clues about the perfect profile for Paris SG.

PSG Mercato: Luis Campos draws a robotic portrait of a future coach

According to several Portuguese and French sources, there is no longer any doubt: Luis Campos will be the new Sports Director of Paris Saint-Germain. The former AS Monaco and LOSC agreed with Nasser Al-Khelaïfi on the basis of a three-year contract, ie until June 2025. He will replace the Brazilian Leonard, who was removed from office behind the scenes of Mbappé’s extension. After Leonard, next in line will be coach Mauricio Pochettino.

According to Le Parisien, this time it is the sports director who will pilot this ensemble. Luis Campos is therefore expected to reveal the identity of the next PSG coach in the capital. While waiting for the lucky winner’s name, Campos set up a profile of the robot he wanted on the Rouge et Bleu bench.

“When there is a club project and there is time until the beginning of the next season, we can do, as for players, scouting coaches. It’s about finding the best coach for the project, respecting the club’s culture, the club’s DNA, what the club’s supporters want, the club’s playing tradition (…) According to language, style of play, preferred tactics, character, personality.

There are many parameters that need to be analyzed (…) Scouting a coach is just as important or even more important than a player survey. You have to know how to choose a leader, a person who has the final decision for the main goal of the club, which is to win matches and play well, to give the best eleven, to make appropriate changes, everything that basically concerns. game. It is a very rich and important exercise that must be very well thought out, “the Portuguese leader told the media on Friday. A profile that clearly matches Zinedine Zidane, the only one the Emir wants to see instead of Pochettin.

PSG Mercato: Zinedine Zidane, the only solution for the Emir of Qatar

According to journalist Fabrice Hawkins, the Emir of Qatar is currently in Paris. The owner of Paris Saint-Germain unconditionally wishes to see Zinedin Zidan on the bench next season as a replacement for Mauritius Pochettin. “No other coach is interested in him,” explains Prime Video journalist on social media. According to the latest reports, Zidane is close to an agreement with Paris SG on the succession of Pochettina.

To be continued…

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