PSG-OL live: Fenottes on the way to the title

PSG-OL live: Fenottes on the way to the title

Katoto injured in adductors on the eve of the Blue List for Euro …

Marie-Antoinette Katoto leaves the field. The attacker of the flagship PSG is influenced by adductors and is replaced by Huitema.

The player returned directly to the locker room under the eyes of Corinne Deacon, who had already lost in the match due to Lyonnais injury Selma Bach.

Bachmann’s record for Frazer

2nd change for PSG

Hegerberg’s show, which hits Volla

Nor connects a small bridge at the entrance to the surface before the shot that stops Voll

Stages of possession of Parisiennes who are trying to sell the Lyon line …

Parisiennes were struggling to make the ball dance with his usual trickery and panache, and the opposing players had little trouble shutting him down in these muddy conditions.

Malard’s double chance, which ends in Voll’s gloves!

The OL striker finally took his chances when he touched only a very small number of balls at this time. Malard first tries the header before the ball returns to her feet and she tries to return … Voll caught her attempt!

Very limited solution from Karchaoui to Hegerberg, no penalty!

Karchaoui, present on both surfaces, was the last defender in front of Ada Hegerberg, and if she takes the ball well, the gesture is very limited.


WHAT BRAZILIAN GOALKEEPER’S STOP! After a number of soloists from Karchaoui, Endler remains the state the longest, striking the French international in extremis.

Lawrence is leaving his place in Baltimore!

The first change on the part of PSG.

Shovel injuries in this second period!

After a very impressive blow from Horan, who was bleeding from his head, Karchaoui remains hit in the abdomen on the ground. The Parisian rises, but the American has not yet returned to the field.

Big clash in the area between Horan and Henry!

Two OL players collided when they both played the same ball on the nearest stick from the corner.

Malard’s bullet is countered and passes a short distance from Voll’s frame!

The Paris goalkeeper can be considered lucky to see a shot from OL No. 9 flowing through Ilestedt. Voll flies away, but the bullet missed.

Selma Bacha gives way to Perle Morroni!

The left side of the left ankle replaces Perle Moroni. The player went straight to the locker room with a grimace. Very bad sign a few days before the Women’s Euro.

Good corner Parisiennes, but pushed by the defense of OL

Paris players are failing to take advantage of the physical difficulties Lyonnaises seems to face. No change yet.

PSG fans sing: “Darman’s resignation”

While serious incidents broke out in Geoffroy-Guichard after the descent from Saint-Etienne, PSG supporters unfurled a banner: “28.05.2022 Police, prefects, your incompetence in the eyes of the world”

The date apparently reflects the incidents that took place last night during the men’s Champions League final at the Stade de France.

In addition to this banner, the Ultras sing: “Darman’s resignation”

Let’s go to Stade Jean Bouin!

The Parisiennes start this second period, during which they will try to prevent the coronation of their opponents.


More solid in all areas of the game and more effective in front of the goal, Lyonnaises logically lead in the score.

Half-call from Henry who passed!

After Henry has scored a wonderful goal in the Champions League final against Barce, he tries to repeat his championship hit, but it goes over the top.

A new Parisian peak, but PSG is still hunting in a final gesture!

Parisiennes, perfectly stopped by the Lyonnaises, who know how to handle these situations, are trying to catch up.


We kept what could be the goal of Arkema’s D1 season after a sequence of chest controls, then a super-strong left foot strike that nestled in Voll’s cages … but the flag rose and it’s offside!

Ilestedt’s incredible return to Hegerberg!

Lyonnaises is pushing again, and Parisiennes must therefore chain the right defensive gestures so that they do not sink for good.

Great cross hit by Bach!

Always crucial, the left side of OL tries his luck when he is largely out of the way. His cross shot from the left passes a short distance from the farer Volla bar.

Very big duel in the middle to control the ball

Frazer did his best to keep the ball, but in the end he found himself caught by Bach, who kicked in contact.

Parisiennes calms things down

After a bit of a stir, Bernard Mendy’s players timed and suffered the physical impact that the Lyonnaises suffered on Wednesday.


At the beginning of the match, Macario was very close to putting themselves in the middle. Voll picked it up, not without hesitation.

Macario’s free kick for Horan, caught by Voll!

100% American action with a direct kick Macaria led by Horan in the area, but not strong enough and Voll captured it well.

Selma Bach’s totally unscrewed center crosses

Lyonnaises are trying to create a real opportunity, and as their opponents regain their dominance, Sonia Bompastor is desperately trying to score.

New free kick for PSG, captured by Endler!

The Brazilian goalkeeper definitely works miracles in his goal and can catch a direct kick that Parisiennes played without persuasiveness.


De Almeida heads for Endler again, but the Parisiennes chained the strikes toward Lyon’s goal and were close to leveling.

Endler’s perfect intervention against Katot!

PSG has been doing much better for a few minutes now, and this time the Parisian striker hits Endler, who manages to catch his head.

Good Karchaoui center for Katoto!

In small numbers from Sakina Karchaoui on her left, Marie-Antoinette Katoto is the recipient of a very good cross from the international team, but is caught by Wendie Renard.

The Ultras responded and revived Stade Jean Bouin!

If they went on strike during the Champions League this season after the boys dropped out, the girls could count on Ultras support throughout the season, including this evening.

Parisiennes is trying to occupy half of Lyon’s field without much success

Lyonnaises wins the ball quickly, which hardly worries Endler, because the attempts are far away.

PSG’s first attempt with Fazer!

The young man trained in PSG tries his luck, but her shot is too soft to bother Endler …


Lyonnaises opened the scoring in the 3rd minute, when they took advantage of the generosity of the Paris defense in three, which still have to find their automatic mechanisms. Notice Selma Bach’s very nice crucial passport, which Macario launched himself into the area. The Americans are doing very well in the fight with the Paris goalkeeper.

Let’s go to Jean Bouin!

So PSG players start their first match under the orders of their new coach and still have to adapt to the instructions.

Wrestling in a still very complicated context for PSG

After playing their first game the day after the Hamraoui affair and Diall’s police custody, PSG players are playing this time without their coach Didier Ollé-Nicole, accused of sexually assaulting one of his players.

So it is Bernard Mendy who plays a makeshift match on the bench, which was applauded by the Paris supporters present. They also demanded the resignation of Ulric Ramé, the director of women’s football at the Paris club.

Players enter the lawn!

The Lyonnaises play for the crown on the lawn of the PSG girls, who stole their title last season.

Composition of Lyonnaises

Endler – Mbock, Renard, Buchanan, Bacha – Henry, Horan, Macario – Cascarino, Hegerberg, Malard

Paris Eleven

Voll – De Almeida, Dudek, Ilestedt – Lawrence, Fazer, Geyoro, Diallo, Karchaoui – Diani, Katoto

What happened in the first stage

Lyon’s big victory at Groupama Stadium (6: 1), at a meeting where a Parisian group seemed marked after the revelation of the Hamraoui affair.

Lyonnaises on a small cloud

One week ago, the Sonia Bompastor players won their 8th Champions League by winning over Barca (3: 1).

Paris group

Kheira Hamraoui is still not there, weaned for many weeks.

PSG does without Ollé-Nicolle

Paris Saint-Germain announced on Tuesday evening that it would release Didier Ollé-Nicoll, the women’s section coach, on a “conservative and temporary” basis. During the season, he would treat his players inappropriately.

Lyon’s advantage this season

In four matches, Fenottes won three times: 6-1 in the first match of the league and twice in the semifinals of the Champions League (3-2, 2-1). However, Parisiennes eliminated OL in the Coupe de France (3-0).

The Lyonnaises crowned this Sunday if …

With a five-point lead over their rivals in two days, the Lyonnaises can formalize their 15th French title if they do not bow down this Sunday. Simply put, just a win or a draw.


Welcome to this live commentary on the D1 Arkema clash between PSG and OL. The meeting of the 21st day will take place at 21:00 at the Jean-Bouin Stadium.

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