PSG: The Messi clan contacts Laport, he can’t stand it

PSG: The Messi clan contacts Laport, he can't stand it

A year after his departure from FC Barcelona to PSG, to everyone’s surprise, there is still a lot of talk about Lionel Messi in Spain.

And for good reason, Lionel Messi’s name continues to spread in Barcelona. And it is not the media that feed the rumors of Lionel Messi’s possible return to Catalonia, but Barca’s leaders themselves. Joan Laporta does maintain a fantasy about the possible return of Neymar and Lionel Messi since his election as president of the club. This week, during an interview with L’Esportia, a strong FC Barcelona man put a coin into the slot machine by revealing that he had not closed the door before the return of Neymar and Lionel Messi, just in case. They would like to leave Paris Saint Germain. However, under certain conditions …

Barcelona opens the door for Messi

“If Messi and Neymar want to come back, it will be free. We are unable to reach an agreement on the transfer of these players. But even if we had the skills, we wouldn’t do it. It would be illogical. In any case, the coach decides. revealed Joan Laport, who categorically refuses to close the door on Neymar and Lionel Messi, in case there is a great opportunity in the coming months with one of the two PSG players. On the other hand, Lionel Messi is very tired of FC Barcelona’s ambiguous communication. And for good reason, according to Caden SER, the La Pulga clan is poisoned by Joan Laport’s communication. FC Barcelona’s communications annoy the Messi clan to the point that PSG’s father 30 directly took his phone to ask Joan Laport to stop allusions to the Argentine’s potential return to Catalonia.

Messi’s clan poisoned by rumors

The discussion would be cordial, but full of sincerity and strength between the two men. In the eyes of Lionel Messi and his surroundings, it is unbearable that Joan Laporta maintains a fantasy about a potential return to FC Barcelona, ​​even though La Pulga does not intend to return to his training club. And especially when a year ago everything was done to leave. Messi has a year with PSG and intends to complete the lease in the French capital. Then there is a better chance of seeing the 34-year-old left for the United States to end his career than seeing his return to FC Barcelona. Although everything is possible in football and many soap operas have proved it, Joan Laport’s little election phrases do not deceive anyone. That is why the Argentine clan is angry at Joan Laport’s repeated statements in recent weeks.

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