Rafael Leão, Ibrahimovic, Origi: Paolo Maldini publishes his truths about AC Milan’s burning issues

Rafael Leão, Ibrahimovic, Origi: Paolo Maldini publishes his truths about AC Milan's burning issues

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AC Milan is on the cloud nine. Last weekend, the Rossoneri won Scudetto after a long break with Inter. Enough to make the whole club smile, working tirelessly to regain the heights. This is the case of technical director Paolo Maldini, who gave a long interview Sports Gazette this Friday. Opportunity for the former defender to send a few messages. The first concerns him and sports director Frederic Massary.

“There are questions about my contract and the contract with Massara.” Our contracts expire on June 30 and have not been extended. I find it disrespectful that to this day, the CEO and Elliott have not even sat at the table to talk to us. “, Maldini dropped, visibly upset, and we understand. However, he quickly calmed down when it came to talk about next season and the upcoming transfer period. A topic that Lombard leaders have been working on behind the scenes for some time. “We have been in the transition window for several months, but we do not have the financial resources to make this qualitative leap at this time, also because we are in the transition phase.”.

Maldini discusses the Origi and Botman cases

Chasing: “Today, Milan’s high-level strategic vision can compete with the biggest. You can also take part in the Champions League with the 2-3 best signatures. If, on the other hand, you choose a vision without investment, you run the risk of being left far behind (…) Juve signed Vlahović and that should not end it, as did Inter. We will have higher level championships because others will also be competitive. That is why we need to rethink our investment strategy. “

Therefore, the Milanese intend to strengthen this summer. Divock Origi’s name circulated in Liverpool for a very long time. Regarding the other, Maldini said: “We’re dealing with Origi and it seems to be going very well.” He then provided an update on the case of Sven Botman (LOSC). “We are watching him, but there are a lot of interesting midfielders on the market”. The market where Rafael Leão has a damn rating. PSG and especially Real Madrid are on the spot, which would prepare an offer of 120 million euros.

Rafael Leão has the door closed

But Maldini was clear.“We consider Rafael Leã a key and untouchable player. Not for sale. It is still a rough diamond that has undergone significant improvements from year to year. We got him off Lille’s bench by paying $ 24 million, and we immediately gave him a $ 150 million clause because Boban, Massara, and I trusted him. He was potentially always a champion. He had to go a path that is not yet complete. He is extremely intelligent and needed a little help. I talked to him a lot “.

But the Italian leader qualified later. “It is clear that if Milan is not at Leã’s level in the future or vice versa, things may change. But right now, growth is exponential for him and the club. “ Finally, he mentioned the case of Zlatan Ibrahimovic, the absence of at least 7 to 8 months and the end of the contract. “I spoke to him on Monday, and we made an appointment in a fortnight.” I see no problem in finding an agreement. It’s definitely not good to play so little. We’ll see what happens in the next two weeks. Everything will be done for him and for Milan. From what I understand, his intention is to continue. “. Good news for Milan, who is already preparing for tomorrow.

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