RATP strike: You will sometimes walk

RATP strike: You will sometimes walk

English and Spanish supporters who come to Paris for the Champions League final will find that our country retains its traditions. The social movement does disrupt the operation of some – but not all – buses, trams, metros and RERs. Especially those that serve the Stade de France stadium and the Cours de Vincennes fan zone. But is it that serious?

France and its President Emmanuel Macron were delighted to be able to renew the organization of the C1 final, which is normally scheduled for St. Petersburg. The Russian invasion of Ukraine and the sanctions adopted by UEFA have redistributed the cards (the word “Peace” will be written on the ball in English and Cyrillic, which Adidas will then sell to the Ukrainians). The Stade de France has won a prestigious event for its calendar. Paris and its tourism, the opportunity to welcome one hundred thousand unexpected and welcome visitors in this economically complicated period. We have already rubbed our hands, for example, on the side of the Cours de Vincennes, where fan zone for Liverpool fans. Beer supplies are already accumulating in the cellars of neighboring bistros.

But life goes on, even for ordinary mortals who have to make ends meet or keep their jobs. The capital’s public transport employees are particularly concerned. “The climate at RER is becoming increasingly tense in connection with the gradual opening up to competition in public transport. Especially when we see what is currently happening at the RATP bus department, where the working conditions of engineers will be deteriorating from now on. On the RER side, although the opening up to competition will take place much later, we feel that management is already trying to deregulate. explained in Parisian Jean-Christophe Delprat, FO RATP delegate, for inter-union. The strike was thus announced mainly among bus and tram engineers (60% of strikers among drivers), on RER B (which also serves the homeless) and the new RER A (which leads to the fan zone).

Crowded wagons

However, the likely consequences and inconveniences need to be qualified, in addition to the risk of overcrowding on alternative routes such as metro lines 9 and 1, not to mention 13. A large amount of resources remain, including metro lines for access to Saint-Denis or Nation. RATP also announced it “take all possible measures to ensure the mobility of the inhabitants of Ile-de-France for Saturday’s match” . However, the fine minds naturally howled at the hostages or regretted that irresponsible people were ruining the party. They are only reminded that the right to strike is guaranteed by the Constitution and that the republic remains, in principle, slightly above the interests of UEFA or its profits. Even here, however, it is necessary to record some tension. In 2016, in the middle of the fight against the El Khomri law, the CGT almost suspended its actions to allow the euro to perform well, including the cancellation of demonstrations due to the risks associated with Russian hooligans.

Today, the story has changed. CGT, FO, UNSA and La Base have made their wishes clear in a joint press release “strongly influence” the long-awaited clash between Real and The Red. In any case, the goal is met. The media (including the sports press) and the social network talk about this social movement and a little more about its demands than if it only concerned ordinary users. Moreover, by coming to this European football summit, the unions have shown that there is no longer a “social ceasefire” in this area and that the round ball is the same in this case as the others.

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