Real Madrid: Courtois looks back on comeback against PSG and the Belgian “seum”!


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The 2014 Champions League finalist with Atlétic Madrid, Thibaut Courtois (30) will have the opportunity to add C1 to his huge list tomorrow (21:00) during the final between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

In an interview with L’Equipe, the Belgian goalkeeper spoke about the incredible course of Merengue and especially the round of 16 against Paris-Saint-Germain. The 2018 World Cup semifinalist also returned to the rivalry between Belgium and France.

PSG-Real Madrid

“It was unbelievable. PSG was the trigger of the Champions League (0-1, 3-1). This connection with the public … It gave us a lot of confidence. When you return, when you lose 1-0, you say, ‘That’s good, it is over. And then Karim (Benzema) explodes. And there you really realize what Bernabeu is, the European evenings that everyone in the world talks to you about … It was really unbelievable. magic. The strength of our team is to always believe in it this year. (….) The atmosphere in the stadium, this adrenaline … When you stop your career, I don’t think you’ll find such emotions anymore. That is missing. You will almost never find them in your life. This is certainly the reason why footballers will do Skydive or similar things after their careers. These emotions remain more than a list of awards. It’s nice to win trophies, but these three matches (PSG, Chelsea, Manchester City) will stay in my head for life. “

Dumpling by Gianluigi Donnarummy

“It’s not easy to live with, because you also know the qualities of Navas. He’s a great goalkeeper. Here in Real, he’s a legend. The hardest part is substitution. The goalkeeper needs to play three or four matches to have consistency.” Otherwise you will lose the rhythm. But I think Donnarumm’s ball is because he’s a player who likes to play on foot, he’s a little late and, above all, Karim has pushed him well. “

Hostility of the French public at the Stade de France

“I don’t know how many French people will be in the stadium, but I’ve been whistling in Paris this season, in Chelsea too, and sometimes it allows me to be better. I like it when there’s a hostile atmosphere.” But I imagine he thinks I always have a seum (smile) (…) Although there is little rivalry between Belgium and France, I, from birth, with my parents, spent my holidays in France. Every summer I was in the south, in Sanary-sur-Mer and Six-Fours-les-Plages (Var). I really have nothing against France. “

His words after the semifinals of France – Belgium

“You have to take your place. You just lost and France has played well for the last ten minutes, played a role. But it’s football. We did the same against Brazil as France did.” ten minutes. But we forget. And then you leave the field, after two minutes you have a passionate conversation, what do you mean? You have just lost the World Cup semifinals. (…) It is true that I have seen a lot of messages: “Courtois, he has seum” (laughs). It makes me laugh. I do not have a problem with it. It’s also that I never hide in conversations. I dare say my opinion. I’m never afraid to talk, even if I made a mistake or if we lose the match. Suppose. But I have a lot of French teammates here and they are all my friends. “


On the eve of the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool, Merengue goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois returned to a comeback against Paris-Saint-Germain in the round of 16. The Belgian goalkeeper has also talked about the rivalry between the Red Devils and France, since the 2018 World Cup.

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