Report – Manager of a real estate agency targeted by a number of complaints of moral harassment in Brive (Corrèze)

Le manager d

“We decided to stand up so that this gentleman would no longer mentally destroy his future co-workers. The war is open between former employees and associates of the Remax Your Team franchise, which has several agencies in Corrèze, and a Brive executive. Since April 2022, eight complaints of “moral harassment” have been filed at the Brive police station. Statements that testify to brutal management methods. Mountain he could consult with them.

Brutal shelves

Olivier Weldin is the first to take legal action last October. For him, everything changed a few months earlier, after sick leave because of Covid. “Upon his return, he told me that I would no longer sell or rent non-residential premises. He took away part of my job for which I received a commission. In the summer, I was ordered to leave, my files were closed, “says the 53-year-old former employee. An industrial court process is underway.

Since then, seven other people (apprentices, employees and sales representatives) have joined in his approach. And they all describe the same methods: a dispute that justifies moving to the sidelines, loss of access to digital software, inability to work, difficulties in earning commissions, coercion, slanderous remarks.

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Eight complaints against the manager

For Mélanie Boyer, the evocation of the time at Remax in Corrèze is still painful. She worked in the Sarlat (Dordogne) area, but often traveled to Corrèze to complete her sales.

“As soon as I disagreed, I had the right to sexist, degrading remarks.” He described me as unstable, incompetent, and in the end I believed him. »

Melanie Boyer (empty)

The coup de grace arrives in March 2021. The agent goes to Brive to request an inspection. “I thought I had a meeting with the director. It was an assault. I shouted at me. Patrice finally slammed his fist on the table. I left scared and in tears. »

In Tulle, Justin Pichard remembers being forced to resign. “This gentleman first tried to entice me to take over as head of the agency, but I refused. One morning the local barrels were exchanged without warning, all my files were locked and transferred to Brive, my internet accounts were cut off. They refused to pay me commissions. I had to consult an exteriorization doctor, I didn’t want to end up with something stupid. »

Pamela Fugier, a receptionist in Brive, remembers the harmful climate between the agencies. “He asked all the agency’s agents to stop talking to those in Tulle.” He threatened to fire me because I “liked” the Facebook post. »

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“defamation campaign”

Patrice de Carvalho, the executive director in question, for his part condemns Kabbalah against him. “I know how to recognize me when I’m wrong.” And when I’m wrong, I crash. But I didn’t bother the people, “says the person in his agency with glass partitions and camera surveillance. About the origin of these complaints, he explains.

“One of the employees has started a labor lawsuit. A petition signed by fifteen employees condemning his conduct in August 2021 is circulating against him. In the counterattack, he threatens former employees to obtain complaints and testimony against me. Another of these plaintiffs left with client files. Driving is in progress. »

Patrice de Carvalho (empty)

Other ongoing proceedings

Conversely, if the case has legal consequences for the Industrial Tribunal and also for the Cahors (Lot) Commercial Court, for the two plaintiffs, the other former associates claim that they were not under any pressure to bring an action. complaint..

Sylvie Foucher, a former sales agent, even mentions the opposite version. “When the legal dispute with Olivier Weldin began, Mr. de Carvalho asked everyone to make an affidavit. He personally asked me to report sexual harassment against this employee. What I refused, “recalls the former agent, who today says he” rolled over morally and physically. ” Comments that the Brive manager does not want to respond to while he attacks them. “Everyone can now complain and say untrue things. There is jealousy because we are a company that plans to grow. Satisfaction of our customers is 95%. These agents are mostly self-employed and could leave at any time. If these complaints are closed without action tomorrow, there will always be doubts. »

Today, the documents are in the hands of investigators. The investigation continues, they say on the side of the police station. Patrice de Carvalho was not questioned by the police. He remains considered innocent.

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