Return of the Ligue 1-Ligue 2 dam live: Auxerre missed the ball of chaos, Greens on the edge of Ligue 2

Return of the Ligue 1-Ligue 2 dam live: Auxerre missed the ball of chaos, Greens on the edge of Ligue 2

20 minutes left

Geoffroy-Guichard is only 20 minutes away and the tension inside and outside is growing. ASSE leads and temporarily descends to Ligue 2. Whistles sound from the stands and Pascal Dupraz in particular is upset.

What a huge opportunity to kill games for Hein

Gauthier Hein missed the ball from two to zero. With a failed raise from Mangala, Auxerre’s wingman went deep and knocked out Saint-Etienne’s defender, who was trying to catch up. He continues with the shot, but missed. What a huge opportunity for the Burgundians.

Nice expectation from Leon

Donovan Leon takes over Bouanga once again in this match. Goalkeeper Auxerre runs out of front of Gabonce and relaxes his defense.

The first change to Auxerre

The first change was made by Jean-Marc Furlan in this meeting, when the first match scorer Auxerre Gaetan Perrin took the place of Alexis Trouillet.

Crivelli replaces Khazri

A new change run by Pascal Dupraz with the departure from Tunisian international Wahbi Khazri replaced by Enzo Crivelli.

Trauco takes his chances

Stéphanois came on, Hamouma had to leave the fray.

Touré failed

Captain Auxerre Birama Touré took advantage of the 30-foot chance, but his shot went well beyond the goal of Paul Bernardoni.

Double change for ASSE

Pascal Dupraz is already making a double change to try to reverse the trend. Gabriel Silva is substituting Falaye Sacko, while Arnaud Nordin comes into play in place of Adil Aouchiche.

Moukoudi’s failed pass

Like this failed pass from Moukoudi, this beginning of the second third of the Greens has completely passed.

ASSE temporarily in Ligue 2

If the score remains there, Auxerre will develop in Ligue 1 next season and withdraw ASSE to Ligue 2. The Greens have 35 minutes to reverse the trend.

What a goal from Sakhi

Great goal from Auxerroise, who unblocked the situation at Geoffroy-Guichard. At the great center of Autret, Sakhi projects to the Saint-Etienne area and places a noble header, which lobbies Bernardoni.

Khazri lacks recovery

A wonderful trick by Wuxbi Khazri that left Auxerre bewildered really deserved to end in a goal but the keeper made a fine save.

Bernardoni tapping

Paul Bernardoni hits the ball on the volley with a shot for which the keeper, Hamza Sakhi, has no answer. The corner that follows does nothing.

Smokestacks are lit behind Bernardoni’s cages

Smokehouses crack on the north hill of Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium. Part of the course is smoky.

Bouanga tries to score a hand

Dennis Bouanga rushes to the feet of Romain Hamouma’s big shot, but his shot whistled just wide. The first big opportunity in this second period.

Here we go again to Geoffroy-Guichard

Anthony Gautier starts this second period. The greens are currently maintained thanks to the score from the first match.

It’s half time

Anthony Gautier whistled at the end of this first period. Not one of the teams prevailed in this first act, despite the quality of the first half.

One extra minute

This match between Saint-Étienne and Auxerre will be played one extra minute. Thanks to the result from the first match, the Greens remain in Ligue 1 for the time being.

Great trip from Bernardoni

While Gautier Hein appeared alone against Bernardoni, the Auxerre wing missed his first shot and Bernardoni took the opportunity to take the ball.

Charbonnier tries his luck

At the end of the attack sequence for Auxerre, Gaëtan Charbonnier rolls at the entrance to the penalty area, but his shot doesn’t work.

Technical errors are multiplying

This end of the first period is a bit tangled. Both teams are chaining technical errors, which prevents both teams from being dangerous.

Verbal warning for Youssouf

Anthony Gautier asks Zaydou Youssouf to come see him. The referee verbally warned the midfielder Saint-Etienne after a late intervention on Biram Touré.

Leon calms down

After a new blow from Aouchiche near the surface of Auxerre, Donovan Leon relaxed and turned the ball into a corner.

It’s the end of the first half hour

The first half hour is over and no team has yet identified an error. After an exciting start, the pace slowed down for a few minutes.

Leon again

Donovan Leon performed a new intervention in this meeting after a good ambush by Aouchiche, who was looking for teammates in the middle.

Nice trip from Bernardoni

Paul Bernardoni oversees the grain and leaves his area to get ahead of Autret, who was fired by Donovan Leon to defend the ASSE.

Four shots everywhere

After 23 minutes of play in this return play-off, it is difficult to bet on the first shooter. Both teams shot four times at the opponent’s goal and the chances were shared equally.

The wall is hitting

Gauthier Hein takes a swing and hits it from Auxerre’s wall.

Dangerous direct kick for Auxerra

Gaëtan Charbonnier takes a well-placed direct kick, close to Saint-Etienne.

A little fear for Mangal

Eliaquim Mangala shows nonchalance and was almost punished by Charbonnier, who countered him. Fortunately for the defenders of the Greens, Bernardoni got in front of the AJA striker.

What an event for Auxerre!

Gaëtan Charbonnier was struggling to make the ball dance with his usual trickery and panache, and the opposing players had little trouble shutting him down in these muddy conditions. His blow flies behind Bernardoni’s cages.

Khazri asks for a hand

Wahbi Khazri hits the ball on the volley with a shot for which the keeper, has no answer. The game continues.

Sakhi’s blow is right next door

This is the first big chance for Auxerre. The Burgundians play fast forward, and Charbonnier moves Hein, who finds Sakhi behind him. The offensive midfielder quickly organizes and attacks the goal. He walks right next to Stéphan’s cages.

New corner for ASSE

Romain Hamouma takes a swing and hits it … The boiler ignites.

Leon’s new stop

Bouanga will fight Leon again and the goalkeeper Auxerre will win his fight again after a slow shot by Gabonce.

The center of Aouchiche is missing

Former Parisian Adil Aouchiche combines on the left with Trauc, but midfielder Saint-Etienne misses his center.

Auxerre is under pressure

The beginning of a particularly complicated encounter for the players Jean-Marc Furlan, who are under pressure from overwhelmed Stéphanois.

Leon again

During the first stage he was exceptional, Donovan Leon is already hot and saves Auxerrois after a victory face to face against Bouang.

Leon has already joined

Goalkeeper Auxerrois Donovan Leon must work from the first minutes of the game on this corner of Stéphane.

Already the first turn

Khazri is already gaining a corner after Captain Auxerre Touré’s good return.

Lets go!

Start the fear match between Saint-Etienne and Auxerre. This is the retaliatory play-off of Ligue 1 / Ligue 2. The winner of the match will play in Ligue 1, the loser in Ligue 2.

The southern mound has closed

There will be no supporters on the south hill of Geoffroy-Guichard Stadium, which is closed after the Green Angels fireworks during the match against Monaco in Ligue 1.

First match score

Stéphanois achieved a good result on the Abbé-Deschamps pitch when they drew on the lawn in Auxerre. Nevertheless, the ASSE could be sorry, as he led until the 86th minute and the settlement of Gaëtan Perrin.

Only one clean sheet this season in Ligue 1 for the Greens

In Geoffroy-Guichard, the ASSE season was more than complicated, with only one match without a goal scored.

Among the Greens, breath is held

After a terrible season, they still hope to keep the Stéphanois, who have made a place in the playoffs in Ligue 1. Maximum voltage.

Auxerre composition

Léon – Arcus, Jubal, Bernard, Pellenard – Touré – Autret, Sakhi, Hein, Trouillet – Charbonnier

Eleven Greens with Hamouma and Khazri

Bernardoni – Sacko, Moukoudi, Mangala, Trauco – Camara, Youssouf, Aouchiche – Hamouma, Khazri, Bouanga.

Excavation at 7 p.m.

We will know who from Auxerre or Saint-Etienne will play Ligue 1 next season and who will have to settle for Ligue 2 tonight. See you at 7 pm at the kick-off of the retaliatory playoffs at Geoffroy-Guichard.

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