Review of The Game Rising on PC

Review of The Game Rising on PC

Of all the legendary creatures listed, vampires are among the most fascinating. These undead, charismatic and terrifying, embody our most ancestral fears, both by their belonging to the afterlife, but also and above all by their dependence on blood. This type of spirit, ubiquitous in literature, cinema or video games, became popular in Europe in the early 18th century and has been constantly modernized over time to appeal to all sections of pop culture. SV Rising takes over the clichés of Valheim from Stunlock Studios and tries to move the concept even further. Get ready to succumb to his bite!

Three centuries after appearing in Austrian legends, the vampire mesmerizes with its tendency to mix with the crowd and sow horror and despair. Despite the fear it evokes, however, this nocturnal entity suffers from the shortcomings that are at the heart of the V Rising experience. Garlic clove, mirror, verbena, crucifix, stake … any means is good to eliminate a vampire! Forget clichés, Stunlock Studios tries to dust off the myth by combining it with an extremely addictive sandbox adventure. Title in the preliminary approach on the way to become a real phenomenon!


Once upon a time, vampires had their own territory and lived in a community. The nocturnal creatures were not to the taste of the human population, which decided to revolt to regain control. Gradually, impressive armies were built, waiting for the right moment to attack. A terrible conflict ensued and the vampires were knocked down and all power and their ancient land were left to the men. For centuries, the undead lurked in the dark, waiting for their time. This has finally come!

In Rising, it embodies this revenge that vampires have been experiencing since their decline through an action / survival game. The avatar wakes up in the depths of the crypt. All around him are all remnants and ruins illuminated by the discreet glow of torches. With little or no explanation, we quickly understand that adventure revolves around spoil (enemy loot), resource and inventory management. The environment is interactive and contains bones, which allows you to follow the first quest to create a bone sword, a basic defense accessory. The game Stunlock is based on this idea of ​​goals that need to be pursued and items that need to be washed away by breaking the scenery and enemies that come to rub your fangs. Eventually, we will break out of this crypt to find the open air and face the dangers posed by darkness and the lords of these dark lands. Reinforced equipment (thanks to the items gained along the way), experience is gained in the present and gradually outlines this incredible quest!


In Rising: A new Twitch and Steam phenomenon able to overtake Fortnite?

The map is absolutely gigantic and full of many dangers.

Vampire requires the main character (created from scratch by the player) has different abilities, but also suffers from shortcomings. Evolving from biome to biome, which are connected by teleports, the player discovers that the famous creature can defeat countless enemies, but also fall into their own traps! In Rising, he actually imposes a detrimental day / night cycle on our dear antihero. As in popular legend, a vampire cannot stay in the light and risk suffering the destructive effects of the sun’s rays. You also have to find various tricks during the day to avoid the impact of UV radiation! It passes through the shadow of Mother Nature (trees, shrubs, etc.), but also through the use of special pans. Suffice it to say that in the beginning you proceed mainly at night!

The sun is dangerous for your avatar, you will have to work mainly at night.

In Rising: A new Twitch and Steam phenomenon able to overtake Fortnite? In Rising: A new Twitch and Steam phenomenon able to overtake Fortnite?

It is also impossible to carry money for too long or risk their health declining in the same way as poisonous attacks by toxic enemies. In addition to being able to withstand this long quest, vampire status requires feeding in good condition and a constant view of the blood gauge located in the center of the screen. This gradually decreases and you have to constantly fill it by throwing people (soldiers, bandits, etc.) and animals that roam or graze in the forest. In addition to the question of survival, the seizure of this blood also allows you to acquire the characteristics associated with prey. The more impressive or resilient it is, the more useful the blood will be! All of these concepts make V Rising a pleasant, original game that highlights the shortcomings of vampires. By linking these mechanics to survival / roguelite genre clichés, Stunlock has indeed found a promising formula!

Creatures with strong blood attributes, robbers, all means are good to satisfy your thirst. In Rising, it multiplies the original mechanics!

In Rising: A new Twitch and Steam phenomenon able to overtake Fortnite? In Rising: A new Twitch and Steam phenomenon able to overtake Fortnite?


In Rising: A new Twitch and Steam phenomenon able to overtake Fortnite?

After defeating the monsters from the first biome, the player lands in the forest, underlining his wealth spoil (prey obtained from enemies) and importance crafting (manufacture of articles). We are upgrading our equipment, seizing stronger weapons, but the main problem remains: we remain at the mercy of Mother Nature and the dangers that lie in wait! This is where the construction of the buildings comes in, which goes as far as the construction of a huge castle! If beginners will regret the lack of explanation (we invite you to take a look at our various tips, news that will appear in the coming days), The Rising highlights the whole system of blocks that need to be placed. First, the player must collect the items needed to install the heart of the castle, a kind of orchestra conductor who supplies him with all the elements that allow him to live in his building. From there, in collecting the wood, stone, plant fibers (and many others) necessary for construction, the avatar can lay his borders (lands), his palisades, create a desk, establish a saw, etc. Bypassing the options would take too long, but the design aspect at Rising has been thought out for a long time, widely and across, and we are regularly surprised by the ingenuity of the developers. In addition, the game requires so many resources to build a castle that it is better to go on an adventure in more people. You can be sure that you will be farming for hours! However, it should be emphasized that the heart of the castle must be regularly supplied. Therefore, as with any MMO, it is a good idea to check in Rising daily to make sure it does not fall apart (or be attacked by other players).


In Rising: A new Twitch and Steam phenomenon able to overtake Fortnite?

Despite the number of elements that need to be managed (day / night, construction, inventory, equipment…), V Rising is such a solid work that we gradually learn to get rid of its complexity. Gameplay during combat sequences is relatively effective (and clearly taken from cult titles like Diablo) and the offensive and defensive aspects are gradually enriched, especially by defeating bosses or minibos (Tréant, Golem of the Stone, Gavyn Crooked Trader). The player also encounters various more or less powerful creatures that directly affect the quest! For example, by getting rid of the alpha wolf (which appears randomly), it is then possible to dress as a wolf and proceed among the forest creatures. In Rising, there is a compendium of surprises and the experience is just as enjoyable, whether you train PVE (or PvE – player against the environment) or PVP (or PvP – player against player) – with its clans of vampires that clash. This means that it is better to start with PVE, because players are already impressive in PVP.


If the experience in Rising is so pleasant, it is also due to its implementation. From its artistic direction through visual diversity to the atmosphere, the Stunlock title inspires respect for Early Access. However, not everything is perfect and the estimated twelve months before the official release of the game will not be too much to solve the problems that are inherent in the genre. Thus, despite the zoom function, the focal length sometimes tends to stop in unlikely places, which prevents the action from being clearly visible. Another point of improvement is likely to be for duels, which are a bit soft at the moment. Finally, farming is good, but the amount of resources required (for each of the structures) is such that we will not say no rebalancing. Developers will work on many aspects anyway, but they can be satisfied with the work done. Rising is an engaging, well-crafted game that deserves its current success. If you have familiar genres and love vampires, you can be chewed!

In Rising: A new Twitch and Steam phenomenon able to overtake Fortnite?


Strong points

  • Vampire in the grip of the sun
  • A game between tradition and modernity
  • Blood group properties
  • Artistically very solid
  • Very good atmosphere
  • It’s a mix of MMO, action and survival
  • The richness of its tradition
  • Remarkable stability for pre-access play

Weak spots

  • A camera that occasionally disrupts the readability of the action
  • Too many resources are killing the resource
  • The fights are still a little soft

Rising, which comes almost out of nowhere, is definitely a promising title. Anyone who is going to make a Fortnite post on Twitch has all the addictive games! His traditions, his vampires, his clans … everything is done to make the experience unforgettable! Whether you are a PVE fan or prefer PVP’s friendliness, Stunlock Studios is adorned with very original mechanics while relying on the famous hack’n slash clichés in ‘Ancient. Beautiful, engaging, sophisticated and combining the best of the worlds between a sandbox and a survival game, it promises to be a small phenomenon that will last. The twelve months that separate us from its official release will allow the development team to improve every aspect of the title by bringing new layers of gameplay. We have saliva converging in advance!

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