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Hausse prix bois charpente

The price of building materials jumped by an average of more than 18% during the 12 months to April, according to many experts in the field. He said that building material costs are expected to remain high and volatile in 2022, despite a slight stabilization of the market.

However, demand for wood (deck, frame, cladding, etc.) is high the price increase in the middle of 2022 is between 20 and 110%.depending on the products and different species. An increase that is likely to continue.

Impacts of the international situation on construction

The global shortage of building materials, including wood, will worsen with inflation for many more months. The current situation is due to many reasons. First, there were gradual arrests following the coronavirus pandemic. Then the year 2021 turned upside down due to strong demand from the American and Chinese construction sectors for logs and cut products.

generally speaking, The increase in building materials is also related to supply chain problems. This is due to high demand and queues of container ships outside major trading ports.

further Russia’s war in Ukraine has caused oil prices to rise sharply, with the price per barrel almost doubling in the last 12 months. This has an impact on energy and oil costs and consequently on the transport of materials. In particular, there is a lack of wooden pallets. Separately, one of Europe’s largest steelworks, Azovstal, was destroyed by invading Russian forces, producing around 4.3 million tons of steel a year.

What do you need to know about price increases by wood suppliers?

rising wood supplier prices

Consumers will see that the price of wood will rise relatively steadily. According to the General Delegate of the FNB (National Timber Federation), these increases are in fact tariff adjustments, but not speculation. However, it is not uncommon to see strong market growth. These are, for example:

  • 100% for laminated wood and chipboard;
  • 60% for structural timber;
  • or 50% on plywood.

Many issues affect owners’ projects

In the face of a significant increase in wood and steel, many construction sites are not completed and many are not even starting. Many artisans have to explain to their customers that offers set a week or two ago no longer apply.

In addition, rising raw materials have an impact on artisans’ margins. While raw materials represent approximately 30% in the calculation of service costs.

In addition, high prices also affect homeowners who want to carry out energy renovations. Whether it’s replacing doors with more wooden insulation, insulating the walls from the outside with cladding or installing more efficient heat pumps and solar panels. Despite the financial assistance offered by the state, the increase in materials generally discourages owners.

Investing in your home remains interesting

Invest in your home

However, according to many players in constructionInvesting in your home remains attractive. According to him, interest rates on bank loans remain low overall. In addition, cBuilding or renovating your home is a good investment in retirement, as is saving money on your energy bills.

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