Rising train ticket prices scare the French

Rising train ticket prices scare the French

Critics are raining for SNCF. Users regret the extraordinary increase in train ticket prices as summer approaches. If the SNCF was forced to reject INSEE figures, indicating a 15% increase in ticket prices in three months, on social networks and elsewhere, the French are exhausted and do not hesitate to show it.

Are SNCF ticket prices rising in Frabka? The INSEE study reveals that ticket prices have risen by 15% in the last three months. The figures were questioned by SNCF itself, which claims that prices have fallen by 7%.

On the passenger side, however, the increase is well and truly felt, a one-way Paris-Nice trip would cost € 250 and a return trip from Paris-Nantes € 215 reveals to RTL. As summer approaches, when the price of fuel for motorists explodes, the French are now worried that they will no longer be able to use the train due to exorbitant SNCF prices.

It will take a while to open the SNCF file
What are these ticket prices ??? Is it literally a theft ??

– D4 Panic’s account (@hdmedz) May 27, 2022

How much is a train ticket?

According to INSEE, the price of a train ticket would increase by 11.7% in February; 13.8% in March; and 14.6% in April. However, SNCF claims that prices fell by 7%. To reach these different conclusions, each was based on a different calculation method, INSEE looked at the prices displayed on ticket sales pages, while SNCF was based on ticket prices for sales.

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Travelers seem to agree with INSEE. At RTL, some say prices have become unaffordable: “I’m going London-Paris, Paris-Lyon, Lyon-Marseille and Marseille-Saint Raphaël. That’s 1,200 euros,” the traveler said.

Despite these extremely high prices, some routes remain available. A one-way ticket with long-distance connections between Toulouse and Paris can cost you between € 53 and € 110 this week. Toulouse-Nice is between 48 and 77 euros if you book by Tuesday or Wednesday. However, the overall fare remains too expensive for users.

No, but seriously the price of the train in France … You will have to explain to me why nothing is being done to make this means of transport available, when we know that we have to imitate it as much as possible by car and plane.
At risk of being disabled again: SNCF = ud83d udeae

– Schnappi Kirsch (@InfernoSchnapp) May 29, 2022

SNCF defends itself

Christophe Fanichet, CEO of SNCF Voyageurs, spoke to JDD about this price increase. “Prices have remained stable on day trains because no region has increased prices. One in four TGV tickets benefits from limited prices,” he said. According to him, it would be “more interesting” to compare the prices of 2022 “with those of 2019”. The two periods during which the health crisis caused by Covid-19 does not affect prices.

However, Christophe Fanichet confirmed that some prices “increased slightly this year compared to 2021”. This price increase comes at a critical time, just before the summer, and is combined with many other reservations made by the French against the SNCF.

The #SNCF he strikes so often that we don’t even bother to find out why. Those who accepted discrimination in access to the train with a pass …

– Zadienaplusdespoir (@GaedigSadie) May 28, 2022

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