Roland-Garros LIVE: It seems like a big match between Djok and Schwartzman … Live 8th with us

Roland-Garros LIVE: It seems like a big match between Djok and Schwartzman ... Live 8th with us

14:15 : And not Novák, he stays in the net of this suspension. 1: 0 for Argentine.

14:13 : The first game and Schwartzman’s performance is already very tense. 40-A with extension points ….

14:10 : We went back to Lenglen for the second set. Wondering if Djoko would still have the answer or if it would settle in the score.

14:07 : Haha, nice speech from Fernandez saying she is happy because she saw Titi Henry in the stands and is a football fan. It must have little effect, that’s true.

14:06: And it’s over in Central! A very nice victory for Leylah Fernandez against Amanda Anisim, a former semifinalist here (in 2019). A nice surprise for a 19-year-old Canadian.

14:04 : Schwartzman, on the other hand, released the express game there. 6-1 for Djokovic, who logically takes the first set.

14:02: And it’s the Serb who will win the show in the end. 5-1 Djoko, quite a crazy score due to the disputed points.

14:01 : Rho the fight between the two !! Sacred wrestler also this Diego, returned to 40-A, but the next point Djoko sends him blow after blow and regains the advantage. He sends very strongly.

13:59 : This is complicated for Schwartzman, who has the impression that he can overtake Djok, but has to do it with two 5-1 balls. It must be frustrating to get stuck in the long run …

13:56 : We are not far from the result at Central, where Fernandez broke in the last set. On the way to his first quarter in Roland, he leads 5-3 over Canada.

13:54 : I was going to write that he was still having trouble delivering Djoko, but he just sent a damping and a forehand mine to rip your elbow to turn it all around. Hop, 4-1 throws everything for him.

13:51 : And yes, he will not miss the opportunity of the world number one! He is the first to break in this match to break free. 3-1.

13:50 : Return to Lenglen, where it’s Schwartzman’s turn to get in trouble. 15-40 Djoko, who has not missed anything for 5 minutes. It is already a very, very high level at the beginning of the match.

13:47 : During this time I have to regret to announce that Kiki and Caro have lost the first set against the Doi-Tomljanovic pair 7-5. Come on, anything is possible.

13:46 : Come on, a Serb who gets away with the help of the net and his submission afterwards. Anyway, a little scared. 2-1.

13:45: Oh, the Argentinian who collapsed on this easy forehand! However, he had to adjust the whole court and Djokovic returned to equality.

13:43: Two Schwartzman breakpoints !!

13:42 : Hey, it’s Djoko’s turn to have a 0-30 throw-in, he can’t get around his opponent anymore.

13:40 : Okay, game for Argentines. This story lasted almost 10 minutes, he promises.

13:39 : It’s played on Lenglen! Huge replacement of concrete blocks and then Schwartzmann, which closes a very soft suspension. It takes this second match.

13:37 : Popopo, when he starts playing, sends little Diego a steak. Backhand laser long line there to take advantage of the 40-40, it’s quite full.

13:35 : Oula Schwartzman is really not in the game yet, a nasty mistake and a second follows, she is already under pressure to serve. 0-30.

13:33 : The first quiet match for Nole, the Argentine is not well balanced yet, he sent an unforced error.

13:31: We go to Lenglen, where Djoko and Schwartzman finished warming up. The match will start soon, the Serb serves!

13:25 : This blast wasn’t enough for Fernandez. In the next game, Anisim breaks again and takes the second set. So we went to the third and final set between the two players.

13:20 : Djokovic and Schwartzman will arrive in Lenglen soon. The Serb leads 6: 0 in their confrontations, BUT their only meeting at Roland-Garros in 2017 gave rise to a fight for five sets. And before a possible quarter of an hour against Raf Nadal, it will be necessary to save the maximum.


13:15 : We’re going back to Simonne-Mathieu to see our French women. Kiki and Caro don’t have their break in advance, but they lead 4-3.

13:11 : Trevisan had already reached Roland-Garros in 2020 before falling to Ig Swiatek. This time, the Italian will challenge either Leylah Fernandez or Amanda Anisim, who may be about to enter the third set …

13:07: Done! Trevisan wins 7-6, 7-5 and goes to the quarterfinals!

13:05 : Sasnovich sends his backhand for the baseline … Trevisan swordfish!

13:02 : Third match in a row for Martina Trevisan. The Italian is now leading 6-5, followed by a serve … Does it smell the end?

12:59 : Sarah Rakotomanga lost the first set 6-3 … but took the entry break in the second. MAKE ME FROM THIS SHORT N ° 9 BOILER !!!


12:54 : Trevisan releases Sasnovich, who served on the set! The Italian returns to 5-4 as we slowly approach the two-hour mark.

12:48 : Who said there were no more French on Roland-Garros? On the track No. 13 against the Czech Struplová, 17-year-old Jenny Lim is also on the track. currently 1-1.

12:44 : Les Bleues are not meant to wear pearls. 2-0 for Garcia / Mladenovic on Simonne-Mathieu.

12:42: Leylah Fernandez goes to the quarterfinals! Anisim was worried, but the Canadian pushed the first set into pocket 6-3. As in the previous round, the American will have to run for the score.

12:40 : And fourth, with a powerful forehand!

12:39: Amanda Anisim refuses three sets when submitting her opponent! Then maybe …

12:35 : Blue on Court No. 9: Sarah Rakotomanga, who benefits from a wild card in the girls’ singles table, works hard against American Blokhin. ALLLEEEZZZZZZ

12:32 : Among juniors, it goes to William Jucha. The French knocked out Van Schalkwyk 7-6, 6-2. We start the day very well.

12:28 : Simonne-Mathieu is already folded for Granollers and Zeballos, winners 6-1, 6-1. Caroline Garcia and Kristina Mladenovic will be able to enter the arena!

12:26 : An American woman enters her match after a quarter of an hour in the fog. Clears the first break and returns to 4-1.

12:24 : It’s on Chatrier! 4-0 for Leylah Fernandez, Anisim currently does not exist.

12:21: The fifth set is good! Sasnovich makes a mistake and Trevisan takes the first set after 1:13.

12:19 hours : Still missing for Trevisan! 10-10 in this endless tie-break.

12:14 : The Italian spoils by sending the ball alternately to the net … We’ve been playing for almost 1h10.

12:13 : Sasnovich sends his forehand to the net, Trevisan wins the second setball.

12:11 : 6-6 for Lenglen in games and 6-6 in tie-break. IT IS TENSIONED

11:57 : A little reading at the beginning of today. Our special correspondent Roland Julien prepared a nice mess for you before Tonic between Nadal and Auger-Aliassim. Who will Uncle Toni be between his favorite nephew and his new foal?

11:52 : Well, it starts nicely on Sunday morning, but when it really starts there, it will burn. Especially this little Djoko-Schwartzman, who promises to be, yummy yummy.

11:34 : Now 4-0 for Granollers and Zeballos, who eliminated two French pairs, Humbert / Lestienne and then Mannarino / Olivetti, as a reminder in the previous two rounds.

11:31 : Sasnovich had to face break again, but she persevered and picked up at 3-3.

11:27 : A little hook from Simonne-Mathieu to see that the Granollers / Zeballos pair is already 3-0.

11:24 : And break it again! We can continue like this for a long time …

11:18 : And break it! We start on a good basis.

11:16 : Stop it Trevisan!

11:14 : We’ll talk about it when the time comes, but it also works for children, girls ‘singles and boys’ singles. Here we find especially Gabriel Debra, who showed great things during the men’s singles qualification.

11:10: Speaking of pairs, we have French left! Caroline Garcia and Kiki Mladenovic will play Simonne-Mathieu in the 2nd match against the Doi / Tomljanovic pair. Clara Burel and Hugon Gaston will then take over the baton for the 2nd round of mixed doubles.

11:08 : In detail it looks like this:

Granollers / Zeballos – O’Mara / Withrow

Matos / Vega – Gille / Fly

Puetz / Venus – Arevalo / Roger

Mcnally / Zhang – Kostyuk / Ruse

11:05 : And while waiting for the start of the Chatrier program (from 12 noon, with Fernandez – Anisimova) we have two to eat!

11:02 : First 16th round of the day, ie: Martina Trevisan vs Aliaksandra Sasnovich. The Italian is quite impressive, three wins in a row, with only 14 games left. But his opponent knocked down Raducan and Kerberos, sorry. Hard agreement to read, but I would give a crown to Martin (it’s worth what).

Jooooo !!! How are your little friends? Today is Sunday, so Roland-Garros is Lord’s Day. With a program that doesn’t bite beetles. After his excursion to the Stade de France, Rafa Nadal returns to Earth to challenge No. 9, Félix Auger-Aliassime. Two other Spaniards have something to play for, whether Carlos Alcaraz, the favorite against Karen Khachanov, or Bernabé Zapata Miralles, who can dream of shooting down the half-fat half of Alexander Zverev’s grape in Paris.

Novak Djokovic will face Diego Schwartzman, who is in 15th place, to raise the cursor a bit before a possible quarterfinal against Nadal. In the women’s draw, young Leylah Fernandez (19) and Coco Gauff (18) try to continue to fine their elders.

“Are you already licking your chops? We’ll be there at 11 o’clock!

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