Roland-Garros Round 3 LIVE: Watch the matches with us

Roland-Garros Round 3 LIVE: Watch the matches with us

14:32: Round for Alizé Cornet. 6-0 Zheng. Will the French give up? It doesn’t look like that at the moment.

14:27 : 5-0 for Zheng, Cornet is a strawberry

14:25 : Two new breakballs for the Chinese during the unscrewed forehand of the French.

14:23 : He barely closed his eye that Zheng is already leading 4: 0. Terrible what we are witnessing. Grapes.

14:21: Rublev defeated Garin in four sets 6-4, 3-6, 6-2, 7-6

14:20 : Ugh, Zheng’s return to afford the turning point she changed so soon. 3: 0 for the Chinese. How hard …

14:19 : 49th equality in the service of the Frenchwoman.

14:17 : 40-A, Alizé can’t end her serve game, Zheng sends a big forehand.

14:16 : 30-A, Cornet recovers on a slightly lucky slice that ends in depreciation.

14:15 : 0-30 … It doesn’t start again, yuck, at Cornet’s service.

14:13: NOOOON THE NET BAND FOR ALIZE! A beautiful suspension from a Frenchwoman who comes to die on the net? 2-0 Zheng.

14:12 : Great comnet from Cornet on the second ball from the Chinese. 40-30

14:10 : Are we going to the 3rd match in a row, where I live in the French, which will be eliminated in two sets? Possible. #Black cat

14:08: Zheng game and break. The Chinese woman is starting very hard against Aliza, who does not seem to be holding the rally any longer … I’m afraid of her adductors.

14:05 : 40-And at the service of the Frenchwoman, who is struggling with the conclusion.

14:00 : Cornet starts his match against Zheng with a huge bandage on both thighs. Diane Parry, her doubles partner, confided yesterday that the adductor hurts a little. Well, the French know how to control the pain, I’m not too scared

13:55: GAME SET AND MATCH SIN. A peaceful start to the grand échalas tournament from the Italian Alps. It should get tough fast if Rublev doesn’t decide to go crazy like a few more times. 6-3, 7-6, 6-3 for Sinner.

13:45 : Medvedev is different. I am almost disappointed by the small resistance offered by Kekmanovic. 6-2, 3-1, with the prospect of challenging the Spanish qualifier Zapat in the 8th round, I don’t know what. We would like to have Daniil’s life

13:40 : So it’s time for his future opponent, who we all hope will be Alizé. But beware, Zheng eliminated Halep in the previous round and is one of the circuit’s high hopes, Li Na’s relief in China. Only 19 years old, but already a lot of references on the circuit

13:35: SWIATEK IN THE EIGHTH !!! At 5: 5, 30: 0 for Kovinice we were scared for about 27 seconds and then Iga suddenly started again. Finally, this second set is proof that he can be a little scared. Victory 6-3, 7-5

13:25 : Quite seduced by Kovinic’s resistance at Central against Swiatek. The Pole has been a steamroller for weeks, I don’t know when she was last pushed at 4-4 in the set. We’ll see if Iga gets a fissa.

13:15: SECOND SET FOR Sinners. A miracle due to the number of sets that he had to save at 5-3. We are heading straight for the shock of the big Maous forehands in the 8th against Rublev, who also sees the team. 6-2 in 3., Garin is in the sauce.

13:10 : Ah and let’s go to LEnglen for Medvedev. I report a very tense match against Kekmanovich, who has been on fire since the beginning of the year, even though, like Rus, he shows his potential mainly on the hard field.

13:05 : Come on, I’ll let William take a lunch break, and I’ll take air to Roland from the press room. I’m involved in a tie-break of the 2nd set between Sinner and Mc Donald. The Italian has not broken and can deal a real blow to the American’s head

12:57 : The battle between Garin and Rublev is worth watching. Typically a match I’d watch on court 14 if I was on Roland. Something for connoisseurs (yes, I’m crazy and then what are you going to do?)

12:52 : Holger Rune is happy to be able to play Chatrier less when he does so during the Champions League final.

12:51: It’s done, mother Iga quietly won the first set. 6-3

12:48: Let’s go to Central for Swiatek. 4-3 for Polák v Kovinicov. The world number one is used for the set.

12:38 : In other games; Garin returns everywhere to set against Rublev and Jannik Sinner is not far from losing the 2nd set against O Tacos.

12:36: Match, set and match Begu. Jeanjean woke up too late, like Diane Parry against Stephens yesterday. 6-1, 6-4 for Romania, which was stronger overall.


12:33 : 15-30! Leolie, we’re almost there. Go on!

12:31: Game, Jeanjean, 5-4! Begu still serves the match, but the dynamics are completely different.

12:30 : Jeanjean advantage. Lenglen is growing! The Daviscup atmosphere is set at the best time.

12:29 : Two match points are deleted! We trust Leolia.

12:28: Two matchwords for Begu…

12:25: 5: 3, break! Jeanjean suddenly starts firing.

12:23: BUT YES LEOLIE! Then maybe ?? !! 0-30 to Begu’s.

12:19 hours : 5-2 Jeanjean, who saves honor when throwing in.

12:17 hours : 5-1 Beg, the end is near.

12:16 hours : Jeanjean missed another breakpoint and Begu now has a playpoint.

12:13 : On the other hand, Léolia every time she misses the breaking point, it looks like it’s the end of the world. He would like to dedramatize it a bit. Kindly for another example. John’s advantage.

12:10 : This service game is set to last as long as the first set. And a new turning point for Jeanjean!

12:07: The turning point is missed by Jeanjean, who is blamed for death…

12:04 : Leolia will finally light up! 0-30 to Begu’s. It’s worth it, but the last two points, especially the last one, are amazing!

12:01 : Double breaker Begu, 4-1. So this match will take a really hour, it hurts.

12:00: First set for Rublev against Garin (6-4) on court 14.

11:59 : And Begu comes out … 3-1. Grapes.

11:58 : 40-30 For a Romanian in a serving game, the Frenchwoman is a little depressed because she gives everything and is not rewarded.

11:52 : Leolia often doesn’t win games, but when she succeeds, it’s closed. 2-1 for Begu, followed by a serve.

11:50 : In the end, Valérie Begu missed the forehand, but the Romanian man finishes the game for the next point. 2: 0, three worlds apart between two players.

11:49: Jannik Sinner won the first set against Burger King (6-3)

11:46: Game and entry break for Begu… Another badly felt suspension and Jeanjean’s counterattack, which the Romanian approved.

11:45 : Amortized in the network of the Frenchwoman, who returned to the heights, it is 30-40 and the turning point for her opponent.

11:44 : We start on a good basis, it’s fine (no). 0-30 for Begu to serve Leolie.

11:41: 6-1, game and first set Begu. Léolia Jeanjean will have to wake up and find a solution to stop this forehand. Otherwise it will be over in less than an hour.

11:40 : Three sets for Romania after the failed volley of the French.

11:39 : No, but Begu’s forehand isn’t really possible. He will only find the perfect areas.

11:38: Finally a game for Jeanjean! And shutdown, please. 5-1. Let’s say it’s the beginning of something.

11:36 : 30-0 for Jeanjean, who responds positively to Lenglen’s encouragement! The 2nd set is now being prepared, Leolie.

11:34 : 5-0 for Begu … Massacre

11:32 : Break Sinner vs. Ronald McDonald. 4-2 for the Italian in the first set.

11:30 : A double to offer Begu a double break. 4: 0 for Romania does not smell in this case. Come on, Leolie, we’re waking up!

11:29 : It’s dramatic, Leolia won’t get another point. Begu is in machine mode, another mutant crossover. 0-40

11:26 : 3-0, I’ve been living French matches since yesterday to be beaten by their opponent, it’s really nice. I wear giga bad luck.

11:24: Jeanjean punished by Begu… Finally, it is the Romanian who breaks. 2-0

11:20: News from other courts.

These are Sinner against McDonald’s on the Simonne-Mathieu court and also Rublev, who has already broken Garina on the 14th court.

11:19 : The Romanian is doing well when she saved 157 breakballs on her first game. Jeanjean will have to be more realistic at crucial moments if he wants to win today. 1-0 Begu.

11:18 : Another forehand slap from Begu to save the break. He’s starting to do a lot.

11:16 : Endless first match, 46th draw, I’m going to get ready to eat and when I come back it will still be 0: 0, it looks like a Ligue 1 match in 2010.

11:15 : 4th break for Jeanjean, but Begu defends perfectly again. Equality.

11:14: Three breaks well crushed…

11:13 : Romanian saves the first two.

11:12: Three breakballs for the French!

11:11 : It doesn’t look bad for a Frenchwoman, 0:30 to serve an opponent.

11:10: LEOLIA IS ON! Begu service.

11:00: It’s time to warm up! We like Léolia Jeanjean on Lenglen, we hit a few balls and we are yours for the first matches.

And then until you do another, on our national Gillou. A swan song for a former world number six?

A little reading before the hostilities, anyone? It’s hot, it comes from Roland.

You tennis! I hope you are well, because today is a big day. Four Frenchmen are on the program this Saturday at Roland-Garros and we hope that as many of them as possible will qualify by the end of the day. And we will have to persevere, because it will go very hard. From 11 a.m., Léolia Jeanjean will try to avoid an early throw of Irina-Camelia Begu’s racket to qualify for the next round. In this process, Alizé Cornet will be against Zheng at Central, where Iga Swiatek started the day a little earlier against Kovinic. Still on downtown, then we’ll chain on the old shock between Gilles Simon and Marin Cilic. In the night part, a place for young people: Hugo Gaston challenges the talented Dan Holger Rune. In short, a beautiful tennis Saturday.

>> Fighting begins at 11 o’clock.

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