Rugby: La Rochelle won the first European Cup in its history thanks to a performance against the Irish from Leinster

Rugby: La Rochelle won the first European Cup in its history thanks to a performance against the Irish from Leinster

The Irish will certainly talk about the Rochelais robbery. After being led by Grégory Alldritt’s teammates for much of the meeting, they went insane for the last fifteen minutes to win the European Cup final against the Irish of Leinster (24-21). Europe, Saturday, May 28.

This raises the question of affinity and subjectivity. what do we prefer? La Rochelle and its insane increase allowed by a bunch of scrap traders, but with a share of the waste and its flaws. Or we prefer a clinical Irish score with a minimalist but damn effective offensive animation and a foot opener that penalizes the slightest mistake of the opponent.

In the molten Velodrome stadium, the first philosophy prevailed over the second. Thanks to hungry forwards and a perfect west on foot, Rochelais won the first major title in its history. The last attempt to win symbolizes the anegation of a team that never gave up. He is marked by Arthur Retière half on the ground at the end of the ruck, who reaches out to offer release to the entire stadium. The test was then confirmed on foot by Ihaia West.

Incredibly!  Stade Rochelais manages to score a third attempt against Leinster and will probably afford a European title.  Retière infiltrates and stretches his arm to flatten on the line.  The orange velodrome is melting!

Leinstermen, hampered by the particularly aggressive defense of La Rochelle, failed to deploy the game that had so far allowed them to compete (49 points and 6.7 attempts on average per match). They relied on their master and captain: International Fly Half Johnny Sexton. Thanks to his 18 points against the poles, his team, which managed to score almost every time they invaded the naval camp, thought for a long time that it would have a fifth star.

Leinster always stayed close to the score and the stadium, two-thirds from La Rochelle, pushed his foals into breaks. Even reduced to 14 after Thomas Lavault’s yellow card (65th), the Maritimes kept pounding and re-establishing the Irish defensive line. If the first attempt at a match signed by Raymond Rhule (6-7, 10) comes from a wonderful recovery of three quarters, the work of the attackers in contact, then up close, is the origin of the work of Pierre Bourgarit (18-15, 61st), then the momentum that precedes the momentum of Retière (79.).

At the end of the tension, Stade Rochelais won the highest title thanks to an attempt by Retière (21-24).  The Maritimes, the long victims of their indiscipline, suffered a speech at the foot of Sexton.  A year after the disappointment in the final, La Rochelle takes revenge on the merging stadium!

The frustration of the final lost last year against Stade Toulouse is erased. La Rochelle joins Toulouse, Brive and Toulon in a closed club of French clubs that have won the Champions Cup.

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