Saint-Denis, what if I fail

Saint-Denis, what if I fail

More than 200 minor injuries, tear gas in the face of the ticket guys, Yamakasi crawling through the paddock gates, thousands of fans driven away like cattle. This C1 final, after the many coronations of Real Madrid, will continue to push all organizational ties, from UEFA to the FFF through the police headquarters. Some even talk about the Hillsborough drama, which they avoided by a hair. A year after the Rugby World Cup, two since the opening ceremony of the Olympic Games on the banks of the Seine have exploded in the eyes of the French leadership.

So for the last time “Open the gate” it sounded so much, it was in Game of Thrones. Hundreds of them are still piled up like sardines at the gates of the Stade de France, waiting desperately for the metal doors to open before they can finally take part in the Champions League final. Dozens without tickets passed unhindered through the gates, others still wiping away the tears of much-used tear gas. “I’ve seen children, older people, being gassed” , swears Ronan Evain, director of Football Supporters Europe, a representative association of supporters on the old continent. Images of chaos are already announcing the virality of social networks, the excavation has been delayed by thirty-six minutes, and some will not arrive at half-time.

whose fault is it? The level of the French authorities gives us a classic triptych: supporters, tension, complete clutter. Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin appears in his small ivory tower of the Dionysian enclosure security computer intently as a high school student in front of a high school diploma: “Thousands of British ‘supporters’, without tickets or with counterfeit tickets, have forced entry and sometimes attacked stewards. » No wonder the new Minister of Sports, Amélie Oudéa-Castér, follows in the footsteps of Tenant Place Beauvau and shoots down “Thousands of English fans (who) have complicated the work of stewards and police forces, but this victory will not spoil” . Beautiful rewriting of history.

“It’s the worst European game I’ve ever worked on.” The behavior of the supporters at the entrances was exemplary in shocking circumstances. » Liverpool policeman

UEFA only stores counterfeit tickets purchased by the company Scousers they decommissioned the entrance turnstiles and led to the closure of the vast majority of entrances in the complete brothel. The Liverpool policeman present in Saint-Denis hurried them to put them in lard: “It’s the worst European game I’ve ever worked on.” The behavior of the supporters at the entrances was exemplary in shocking circumstances. » Labor MP Ian Byrne followed the condemnation on social media “The worst experience of (his) life. Stunning security and life-threatening organizations. Shameful lack of organization and expertise “.

Who will hit whom?

Late arrival Soviet army would be in question “But most were there at 5 p.m.” , supports Ronan Evain, who saw the RER D exits quickly saturated. At the exit from the station there was a problem with the recommendation of the supporters, they all found themselves in the same place, gathered. Apparently a narrow neck between two police vans. The first filter to access the square jumped and led the crowd to move. “It’s a domino effect, but attacking Liverpool fans is unacceptable.” Some waited two or even three hours in front of the stadium when they had a ticket … ”

Yes, the British showed up without tickets (as was the case during the Euro 2020 final at Wembley). But add to that many disruptors without expensive sesame attacking supporters, journalists have been forced to delete images of excesses in pain to see how their accreditation is oversweetened. Red stand in traffic jams and put everything into mondovision. You will get an image of a country that is unable to reach the peak of such an event. The Department of the Interior said in contact around 11 p.m. “The equipment was well dimensioned (6800 police and gendarmes for the administration of Paris and the Stade de France, editor’s note) the police responded quickly on the spot. The jammers have been moved to make access easier for those who have a ticket. Then it is true that there were no 36 options at the exit from the RER, which did not make the situation any easier. The influx of fans in the waves complicated the arrival at the stadium. Were all supporters well informed? » A question that can be answered with another question: what if we asked ourselves?

238 injured, 68 arrested, 1 goal

What if we looked in the mirror instead of banging on men, women, and children who knocked half a salary to afford a dream of a supporter’s life? Ten days earlier, 150,000 fighters from Glasgow and Frankfurt had gathered in Seville for the European League epilogue. The result, a few small incidents (a few kilometers from the stadium, fighting broke out without serious injuries) and XXL java in the Andalusian heat. Instead, the evening is a Saint-Denis board: 24 shots for Liverpool, 1 goal from Vinicius Junior, 68 arrests, 39 police custody and 238 minor injuries, treated on the spot. Liverpool Football Club asked for an explanation, UEFA for an audit. Boomerang is the beautiful words of Noël Le Graët on his FFF throne when the final moved from St. Petersburg to Saint-Denis due to the Ukrainian conflict: “The FFF will make every effort to ensure that this event takes place in the best possible conditions. » It stings. And he recalls that with dozens of prefectural decrees (more than 130) during Ligue 1 season on the silencing of outdoor car parks, France is not in a position to host a five-star European final.

Our football leaders and ministries are constantly following this English model, but forget that we are able to transport thousands of fans across the kingdom from one stadium to another throughout the week. When we are at home, we leave the 500 inhabitants of Nantes who wish to go to Lens, with arguments from the kindergarten: too many police officers are mobilized at the garage sale in Liévin or at the international dragon gatherings in Berck-sur-Mer. Hop, parking closed. Laugh or cry, it’s up to you. “It’s a Franco-French problemconcludes Ronan Evain from FSE. There is a discrepancy between the ban on 100 traveling fans in League One and the belief that you are able to master the Champions League finals, as is the case with 50,000 people from Liverpool. I hope that we will learn from such an evening, but when I see that we are only coming across supporters, I say to myself that we will not get there by far. » Not even see the C1 final in France.

By Florent Caffery
All notes collected by FC, except mentions.


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