Salmonella in Kinder Chocolates: after the scandal, Chief Ferrero explains for the first time

Salmonella in Kinder Chocolates: after the scandal, Chief Ferrero explains for the first time

Nicolas Neykov, CEO of France Ferrero, was confronted with questions from several Le Parisien readers. The first after the salmonella scandal.

During the meeting, Le Parisien readers, Nicolas Neykov, CEO of France of Ferreroanswered directly the French questions after scandal of chocolate Kinder contaminated with salmonella. If the group has spoken widely through numerous press releases, this is the first time its boss has addressed the press, this Thursday the 26th.

Among the problems for him, the newspaper explains, give answers to families of 80 children with chocolate. Mea culpa without waffling since Nicolas Neykov admitted his group’s mistake: “He was there failure ? Yes, it is very clear, he admits, but without acknowledging negligence.

The origin of the contamination is still unidentified

In his replies, therefore, the director of Ferrero France was able to provide information on origin of salmonella contamination. “It comes from a filter located inside butter bath Dairy products. It arrived at the factory either by contaminated raw materials or by humans, “he explains.

When asked about reaction time The company between Salmonella detection in December and the recall of goods on April 2. Nicolas Neykov ensures that Kinder did the right thing. “As soon as the first outbreaks occurred, we went on standby. It was not until April 2 that the English authorities began statistical correspondence on the consumption of Kinder surprises. Since then, Ferrero has begun downloading all its products. justifies.

We made our decision based on the information we received. Nicolas Neykov – Director of Ferrero France

Colossal loss

Size loss because Kinder is colossal, says its director. “Almost 40% of our Easter turnover has been lost,” a total of more than 3,000 tons of discarded and millions of destroyed items.

But it is reassuring and confirms that all measures have been and will be taken to ensure optimal quality control. The plant in Arlon, Belgium, where the problem began, isolates its raw material production line and discharges its employees with a decontamination air seal. He hopes that if she reopens, June 13.

Because the task promises to be huge for Kinder. Nicolas Neykov acknowledges that “60% of consumers no longer trust the brand. The journey will be long, but we can do it together,” he concludes.

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