Salmonella in Kinder: “Too late” apology for Romy’s father, little Varoise hospitalized in March

Salmonella in Kinder: "Too late" apology for Romy's father, little Varoise hospitalized in March

At the other end of the line, sometimes his father’s words are hidden behind Romy’s laughter. Today, the two-year-old girl is doing better – you can hear it – even though the contagious hand-foot-mouth syndrome appeared at the end of May.

AND “trifle” for his parents, Romain and Honorine, who had several days of panic last March (read our issue of April 7).

Their treasure then had to be hospitalized for eleven days in Draguignan after contamination with salmonellosis.

Injection Phobia and Kinder Chocolates

Romain is convinced of this: his daughter became seriously ill by eating Salmonella-contaminated Kinder chocolates.

Like just over 80 people in France – 150 in Europe – the Ferrero Group was forced to remove 3,000 tonnes of products from its shelves during the Easter period, causing the company to lose tens of millions of euros in turnover.

“At the hospital, when we didn’t know what she was suffering from, we offered her Kinder Surprise to calm her down.” remembers dad’s hen. The symptoms have started again! “ Diarrhea, vomiting, fever … Bacteria occasionally show up in a child’s urine.

“At Draguignan Hospital, he never saw that Roman continues. They were forced to seek help at a hospital in Nice. “

After a few days of hospitalization, the Roma are better and can go home. The only side effects were phobias from injections, from the hospital world in general, and from Kinder chocolates in particular.

Voucher as compensation

For parents, the time of Roma recovery is also a time of seeking an explanation. “After several attempts to contact Ferrero France, I finally got a voucher! Is he serious?”

After his father’s rejection, he contacted the family’s doctor. “He wanted to know the symptoms of Romy’s disease.” Nothing since this call a fortnight ago …

It is therefore surprising that the couple discovered this in the columns this FridayToday in France a long conversation with Nicolas Neykov, General Manager of France Ferrero, in which he apologizes.

But if Nicolas Neykov recognizes and “failure”refutes any “neglect”.

He doubts his excuses “that look like a big advertising trick”Romain especially regrets that they did not intervene earlier.

“In this case, everything comes too late. Kinder knew it was salmonella, but they were slow to stop the machines. Then they withdrew the products. Even their apologies are too late … It all gives me an impression. The impression they tried escape their responsibilities. “

“Feeling betrayed”

In an interview with the national daily Nicolas Neykov, he also indicates that he hopes to regain consumer confidence as soon as possible.

“In any case, she’s been lost in our country for a long time.” Roman answers. It seems like a betrayal of our childhood. “

From now on, Me Jérôme Kalfon, who intervenes on behalf of 14 families, supports Roma parents.

“Not to get some compensation – which will be paid to the Roma if that happens one day – but so that Ferrero no longer considers us just characters, simple consumers. But people who have gone mad in fifteen days.” “ All because of the chocolate egg …

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