SCPI: why should you invest now?

SCPI: why should you invest now?

The growing success of SCPI

SCPI is a real estate investment product which allows individuals to easily invest in professional real estate. By purchase SCPI sharesthen you become the owner of a percentage of the property held by SCPI and you receive rental income in proportion to your shares held.

According to Antoine Cesariasset management consultant at, an advisory platform specializing in SCPI, this investment combines all the benefits that will delight French savers:

  • Profitable: ASPIM announced in February 2022 and increase in average yields for 2021, which fell from 4.18% in 2020 to 4.45%.
  • Availability: With a ticket of around € 200 for some SCPIs, this investment is accessible to all budgets.
  • No worries about administration: maintenance, work, rent collection, tenant administration … that’s what the management company takes care of!
  • Diversified: By focusing on a real estate portfolio composed of different assets and tenants, the risks are pooled.

Ten years expert in this field, Antoine Cesari, from Portal-SCPI.frexplains that the SCPI boom started mainly around 2015: “At that time, the SCPI began its rise to the public. Evidence: the sector’s capitalization has doubled in just five years. We understand this enthusiasm when we see all its benefits … There is no SCPI driving restrictionsyou just have to wait for rental income be returned to you! “

If you are a curious investor, do not hesitate simulate your SCPI investment and with this SCPI simulator, calculate the performance of your chosen SCPI with a few clicks.

Rising subscription price

In the face of the dazzling success of SCPI, more and more savers are deciding to invest their savings in this product. In addition, the market is in full growth, the price of SCPI shares is regularly reassessed and revised upwards, it is therefore more interesting now than ever to invest in SCPI. To do this, you can contact a specialist broker:

By 2022, many SCPIs had raised their share prices. These include, for example:

  • SCPI Novapierre Germany: + 7.69% *
  • SCPI Novapierre Germany 2: +4% *
  • SCPI Corum: + 4.1% *
  • SCPI Selectipierre 2: + 3.1% *
  • SCPI Epargne Foncière: + 0.97% *

* This percentage corresponds to the percentage increase in the share price

Above all, the sooner you invest, the more you can benefit from the growing success of this real estate investment product. With these revaluations, the partners holding SCPI shares, see their capital is valuedin addition to rental income, they receive monthly or quarterly.

How to invest in SCPI in 2022?

The best way to invest in SCPI remains the involvement of an expert, Antoine Cesari explains why: “The SCPI market can be difficult for undemanding investors because there are different types of SCPI, such as French SCPI and Europeanand with very different types of assets. Depending on your investor profile and your tax situation, some SCPIs will be recommended to you more than others.

Our expert on It also explains to us that it is better to avoid the advice of biased advisors, such as your banker, as this will tend to offer you “SCPI houses”, that is, those that belong to the bank.

In conclusion, it is better to give priority to objective advice independent asset management company such as This specialized platform, approved by AMF and with more than 10 years of experience, was founded by asset management experts.

If you also want, like many French people, to take advantage of SCPI, do not hesitate to contact one of its experts at: or make an appointment directly on Portal-SCPI .fr