Sergio Perez (Red Bull), Monaco Grand Prix winner: “Dream come true”

Sergio Perez (Red Bull), Monaco Grand Prix winner: "Dream come true"

Sergio Pérez (Grand Prix winner, Red Bull): “It’s a dream come true.” As a driver, you dream of winning here. After the home race, Monaco is where you want to make it. I just realize we just did it. There was a lot of pressure in the end, but I couldn’t make a mistake with what I had. I had Sainz right behind me, but I got there.

I was ready for the next run, I wanted to get back in the car when I got out of the car (Laughter). I was very excited to be able to go through the checkerboard flag like this. It is an extraordinary day for me and my country. I wanted to wear a helmet as a tribute to Pedro Rodriguez (former Mexican pilot) and I’m sure he’s watching us from there and he’s proud of what we’ve accomplished today. »

Carlos Sainz (second, Ferrari): “I think we did everything we could.” We stayed patient on wet tires, we decided to put on the slicks correctly, and that terrible lap in the pits we stuck behind the latecomer cost me victory today. You understand the frustration, because a clean bike would give me victory today. But sports are sometimes like that.

I began to see a dry trajectory and realize that it would go straight into the slicks. I think we made the right decision because we ran the race. Of course, hard tires are never easy in the pits, but I made a dozen turns for Latifi, which cost me at least two seconds, which deprived me of victory. So I won’t complain much. I know this sport is like that. Czech (Perez) he was unlucky in Jeddah, he had a great race today and he was lucky.

In this sport, the trend will one day reverse. I myself have a lot of grain, especially at the back, which sometimes made it quite difficult to approach the entrance to the tunnel and overtake. I was really, really close to overtaking, but it was still a bit wet inside. Checo braked quite late, so I think if I braked even later, I would hit him. »

Max Verstappen (third, Red Bull): “After yesterday (Saturday)When the red flag blocks you in qualifying and you start fourth, I did the best I could. I did what I could, I think the team did a great job on Ferrari’s overtaking strategy. We can be very satisfied with our day. It was very torn with rain and everything, but I think we did well and increased our lead. (in the championship). I didn’t expect it yesterday (Saturday) evening, so I think it’s positive. »


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