SFR limits the Internet speed to 10 Mbps for fiber subscribers who consume too much

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On Twitter, the SFR user shared a strange SMS sent to him by the operator. He tells him that due to his excessive internet consumption, his speed will be limited to 10 Mb / s Problem, no contract mentions this limitation.

Is the SFR still responsible for the dubious business practice? Following the regular increase in mobile packages and its recent conviction by the tax authorities for excessive VAT, a new case threatens to tarnish the operator’s image even more. User on Twitter @Hamster_I shared a screenshot of a text message sent by its operator. At least we can say that the other comes with bad news.

SFR thus informs its subscriber that it has complied “abnormal use” its internet consumption, “Likely to worsen our network and harm SFR subscribers” located nearby. Therefore, a surprising decision was made: @Hamster_I internet speed will be limited to 10 Mbps “By the first day of the following month consumed over 3 TB. » To which the agent in question replied that he would terminate the contract immediately.

SFR unreasonably reduces the internet speed of overly greedy subscribers

The SMS states that that sanction is to be applied in accordance with “Terms of offer” prepaid by the subscriber, who also uses the SFR box 8X, the latest from the operator. Problem: The agreement in question never mentions the possibility of speed limits due to excessive internet consumption.

According to Univers Freebox, we could consider subscribing to 4 Box or even 4G / 5G indefinitely, but things are not holding up again. Both stipulate that the flow will be reduced “Over 200 GB until next billing date”and not more than 3 TB as stated in the SMS received by the user.

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On the other hand, mobile plans specify it “The customer will be informed of its inappropriate use by an SMS message” if the case arises. But in his tweet series @Hamster_I states that it makes good use of its online mailbox to consume the data referred to by the SFR. In any case, even mobile tariffs do not face any restrictions. For now, the mystery is complete.

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