Smallpox: An astonishing reaction from an African expert: “It is strange that a virus that disappeared 40 years ago suddenly appears” – Evening Mail

Smallpox: An astonishing reaction from an African expert: "It is strange that a virus that disappeared 40 years ago suddenly appears" - Evening Mail

While science has not yet fully neutralized Covid, there is a new epidemic that threatens the world, and if nothing is done, it could plunge us into a new pandemic worse than the one known in 2020. Indeed, the sudden outbreak of several smallpox in the world is beginning to shake Western governments, which have already ordered thousands of doses of vaccines to deal with them.

The United States has already released $ 119 million to vaccinate 13 million people. 40,000 doses were ordered in Germany. In the UK, the government has announced that it has ordered 20,000 benefits. 1250 doses were ordered in Belgium. And Spain, where the first cases occurred, claims to have ordered thousands of doses, but categorically refuses to divulge the amount of trade with the Bavarian Nordic laboratory based in Denmark.

Rumors are spreading if no smallpox information is available at this time. For some, it would spread through same-sex sexual relations. For others through human-animal contact.

In any case, if neither of these two theses seems convincing so far, African scientists remain silent and say they are surprised by the sudden onset of the virus, which they have not seen on the continent for 40 years. In any case, this is the opinion of Chikwe Ihekweaz, the former director of the CDC Nigeria.

Indeed, questioned by the media, he did not mean words. He complains about the lack of will (on the part of the West, ed. Note) to cooperate with Nigeria when the first cases appeared in this country in 2017. “Unfortunately, there was little interest in supporting this effort,” he said.

Even worse, Chikwe Ihekweazu expresses his utter misunderstanding in the face of the sudden occurrence of hundreds of cases on the continent where monkeypox has still been completely defeated. “When we saw the first cases in Nigeria in 2017, cases out of nowhere, we were all very surprised. In a way, it corresponds to the surprise that the world feels today. Suddenly, we have seen a plethora of cases in the Niger Delta and southern Nigeria out of nowhere. It’s quite surprising to see that a virus that we haven’t seen in Nigeria for the last 40 years suddenly appeared and appeared in several places at the same time, “he wondered.

It would be interesting to point out that in 2017, more than 240 confirmed cases of monkeypox were detected in Nigeria. But as if by chance, they were never interested in the international press, which in 2020 introduced a real strategy of fear that people would take draconian measures (masking, imprisonment, banning gatherings, closure of parliaments, schools, nightclubs, etc.) enacted leaders in the fight against Covid.

In the face of this situation, the real question is whether we are witnessing the prophecy of Bill Gates, who warned us in February 2017 on the sidelines of a security summit in Berlin: “whether naturally epidemiologists predict that an airborne pathogen could kill more more than 30 million people in less than a year. And they say it’s very likely to happen in the next 10 or 15 years. “

Bill Gates turned to his audience and tried to calm things down, reminding himself that such a phenomenon had occurred in the past. “It’s hard to think of a catastrophe of this magnitude, but not so long ago.” In 1918, the particularly toxic and deadly flu killed 50 to 100 million people, “he said.

And to add: “You must be wondering if these disasters exist. The fact that a global pandemic has not occurred in recent years does not mean that there will be no deadly pandemic. Although the next pandemic will not be in the range of 1918, it would be wise for us to consider the social and economic upheaval that would happen if something like Ebola got into big cities. “

According to Bill Gates, the international community must prepare to deal with epidemics in the same way that the military prepares for war. However, the head of Microsoft believes that the new technology can help avoid this number of deaths on a very large scale.

“The good news is that with advances in biotechnology, new vaccines and drugs can prevent epidemics from spreading out of control. “I remain optimistic that in ten years’ time we will be much better prepared to deal with a deadly epidemic if we spend a fraction of our income on defense and weapons that can help fight epidemics,” he said.

It took only three years for the American billionaire to succeed. In 2020, we had Covid, and in 2022, monkey pox was knocking on our door. All that remains is to hope that science, which has already proved itself, can free us!

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