Sonia Bompastor in front of PSG-OL: “Symbolically it would be beautiful”

Sonia Bompastor in front of PSG-OL: "Symbolically it would be beautiful"

“Is your group well recovered after Saturday’s victory in the Champions League final against Barce (3: 1)?
After the match, which left some traces in terms of sports, but also a lot in terms of mentality, we needed to regenerate well. The girls set the requirements slider to the highest. Mental fatigue was present more than in other matches. But we have recovered well and we are coming to Paris in good shape.

Is it hard to refocus on the championship after such emotions?
The peculiarity of our season is that after this victory in the Champions League we have two matches left to play well. You have to be serious to the end. Barcelona is in the same situation as us because they still have to play for the Queen’s Cup. We would like to end this winning final of the Champions League, but the calendar is made this way, we go with it. We could have done differently to give rest to the internationals who will continue in the euro.

Do you have anything to prove in Paris, the still reigning French champion?
We don’t necessarily feel like we want to prove it. I think we’ve already shown it this season. Paris is definitely the team that caused us the most problems, but we were able to play the matches we needed. We have three wins (against PSG)one in the Championship, two in the Champions League, we want to continue our line, focus on us.

“Catarina Macario is one of three nominations for the title of best D1 player Arkema and does not lag behind the standard team.”

You will have one joker left (Wednesday against Issa), but we imagine that the group wants to secure a title in Paris (a draw would suffice)?
Our mentality is to win every match. If we manage to secure the title on Sunday, we won’t wait until Wednesday, that’s for sure. We go there with the spirit of conquest. Symbolically, it would be beautiful. Our biggest challenge is to finish the season without defeat.

Will it affect the difficult context in PSG when Didier Ollé-Nicolle dropped out on Tuesday?
As in the beginning, we focus on ourselves. It’s unfortunate for Parisiennes, they have a challenging season on this side. But our role is to stay professional, to focus on the field.

Arkema’s D1 trophies for the 2021-2022 season were presented on Monday and your team is under-represented (four Lyonnaises in the standard team against five Parisians, only an individual trophy for Christiane Endler, the best goalkeeper) ….
Personally, I was disappointed with my players. What affected some of the polls may be that we had a lot of injuries. But if you are the European champion, when you reach this season in the championship, you must not downplay. I take the example of Catarina Macario, who is in the trio of nominees for the title of the best D1 player Arkema and does not lag behind in the standard team. It is inconsistent. When I see the work they do, it is embarrassing that they are not rewarded. But we focus on the team. For me, the priority is to win collective titles. »


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