Starfield: Lack of gameplay, the game imagines under Unreal Engine 5

Starfield: Lack of gameplay, the game imagines under Unreal Engine 5

Game news Starfield: Lack of gameplay, the game imagines under Unreal Engine 5

It’s not time for Starfield to show up. Finally, not yet, we think we will know more during the Microsoft showcase: until then, the independent developer decided to create Starfield under Unreal Engine 5… and the result is honestly enticing.

You are never better served than alone

Starfield, which was announced at E3 2018, is still shy: only two trailers on his account, a couple of developer diaries, information here and there … and that’s it. We hope to have a good presentation during the Microsoft and Bethesda showcase next month: it would be logical, after all, especially knowing that the game was originally scheduled for November 11 before being pushed back to 2023.

Suddenly, we poor players still don’t have a game image to put in our mouths. However, without counting on the developer nicknamed Enfant Terrible, who imagined what Starfield might look like under Unreal Engine 5 from the already published title and conceptual art images. Even better than that, he did a technical demo, all by himself, using the many resources already on the web. And the result is honestly enticing (and in 4K), though absolutely not official.

Unreal Engine 5, a platform for all possibilities

To be honest, Enfant Terrible isn’t on the first try, and much of its YouTube channel is about remaking existing games under Unreal Engine 5 or inventing titles that haven’t been released yet. He is especially behind the luxury demo Cyberpunk 2077 that we talked to you about recently.

It also featured resorts BioShock, Resident Evil 4, Halo or Star Wars Jedi Survivor. (apparently the real name of the sequel to the Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order)all in the same spirit.

Although the developer relied on many pre-existing elements and special effects, shows that Unreal Engine 5 is a sufficiently flexible and easy – to – use platform to achieve sensational results. A few weeks ago, another independent person presented a reproduction of a rather wonderfully realistic Swedish workshop, which you will find here.

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