Stefanos Tsitsipas was eliminated in the 16th round on Roland-Garros by Holger Run

Stefanos Tsitsipas was eliminated in the 16th round on Roland-Garros by Holger Run

The bottom-up favorite, where Djokovic, Nadal and Alcaraz did not appear, Stefanos Tsitsipas left Roland-Garros in the round of 16 this Monday against Dan Holger Rune, the 40th player in the world, a terribly inconsistent match at the end of the year (7-5, 3-6, 6-3, 6-4).

The warnings were therefore justified. In big trouble, as soon as he entered the tournament against Musetti, who led two zero sets and struggled with the qualifier in the next round (victory in 4 sets, but 4:06), it seemed to be the world’s 4th on Saturday against Mikael Ymer. But he was overtaken by the nervousness of a player who played his very first Roland-Garros, but who was solid at important moments.

There was no indication that the Greek broke away 3: 1 from the beginning. But Tsitsipas made a double mistake at 30-30, which was a taste of his end of a set full of rubbish. Rune, on the other hand, boldly played his luck and tortured his opponent with his very early forehands and especially with his backhand drop shots. One allowed him to return to 40A in a Greek hand at 5-5, the other two at 6-5 gave him hundred points. Dan finished on his 3rd occasion.

Holger Rune was impressive on Monday. (F. Seguin / team)

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He then won three breaks in a row at 1: 1, a moment last year’s finalist chose to find himself. Tsitsipas saved them with authority, he lacked nothing, and his adversary became impatient. It is quite logical that at 4-3 he gave up his engagement against him, then set (6-3).

The Greek church seemed to be returned to the middle of the village, until this unlikely 3: 2 game in favor of the challenger. In two minutes, Tsitsipas sabotaged all the work done during the previous hour: two double bugs, a forehand out of play and a white break. Rune took the ball extremely early with a forehand, never tired of running Tsitsipase forward with drop shots that were sometimes called but always hit well, and took control of the game (6-3).

The intensity increased sharply at the beginning of the 4th round, but the lead led to the 40th in the world. His opponent saved 3 breakballs well at 1: 1, but at 2: 2 he had to bend down at a completely canonical backhand return. Rune confirmed, then ran again and led 5-2 to serve. A bit of tension, the last barouda from the opponent: he lost another nine points. However, he managed to save three balls from 5: 5 and eventually won after a failed forehand from Tsitsipas. He will compete for the semifinals with Norse Casper Ruud, who previously failed Hubert Hurkacaz during the day. Gaston’s heartbreaker against Tsong.


Holger Rune admitted his first set in a fortnight on Monday.


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