Stephen Curry, the first MVP final of the Western Conference in history

Stephen Curry, the first MVP final of the Western Conference in history

This is a novelty this year, the NBA has introduced MVP titles for the conference finals. The series between the Warriors and the Mavericks is over, Stephen Curry leaves with the Magic Johnson Trophy. A nice warm-up before receiving (finally) that MVP final?

Forever the first, as we say in Marseille, for almost 30 years. 30 Well, well, well, like a certain Stephen Curry who won the first Magic Johnson Trophy, which rewards the best player in the Western Conference final. Stephen Curry, Andrew Wiggins, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green, Kevon Looney, several boys did great things in this series, but only one could win a small cup. Quite logically, it is the chef who collects the reward. Even if he had heavier passages and a fairly discreet game 5, Curry remains the leader of this team with The average for the series is 23.8 points, 6.6 rebounds and 7.4 assists. He has also made decisions on several occasions in recent games, and this success inevitably bears his mark.

For once, let’s forget about statistics, because Stephen Curry’s impact can be measured differently. When he’s there, the team is doing well. He is the metronome and heart of this team. It determines the pace of the game and poses a threat directly from the logo. We saw it well at the end of the regular match. In the absence of the chef, everything is out of order and the machine jams. Once he returns, the change is immediate, the automatisms return, the smile as well, and the entire San Francisco Bay area is on fire.. In this series against the Mavs, the Chief had to warm up twice, in games 2 and 3. First, because Dallas led by +19 in the second quarter, then to sink the Mavs in this series and secure a victory. Definitely two matches that weighed on the side of the jury. In addition, should the trophy necessarily go to the best player on the winning team? It’s a debate that Mavs fans like to open up. If this trophy is to reward the best player in Conf ‘Final, wouldn’t Luka Doncic, despite defeat, be a more trustworthy candidate like Jerry West of his time? Although the Slovenian lost, dry and more, but individually he was not the strongest and most impressive? (average 32 points, 9 rebounds, 6 assists). We know it’s not a common habit, proof that it only happened once, but the idea could have been original.

Stephen Curry, MVP final of the Western Conference, a choice that seems logical, even though the other guys in this series have done great things. The fact remains that Kuchař continues to write his legend and now has the opportunity to write a little more in his history books.

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