SuperWheel brings a revolution in cycling with non-electric assistance

SuperWheel révolutionne le vélo avec une assistance… non-électrique

The Irish company SuperWheel has developed an innovative bike for mechanical bikes that uses the weight of the cyclist to make pedaling easier. No engine, no battery, just a bike equipped with clever springs.

“Our planet produces 50 million tons of electronic waste a year, and much of it, including toxic materials, ends up in landfills. » The goosebumps of Simon Chan, the founder of SuperWheel, jump from this observation. That’s why he patented a unique energy-to-energy technology designed as an alternative to an e-bike.

SuperWheel is a bike that improves pedaling efficiency by helping human endeavor – without electricity. It is powered only by human weight. The wheel contains an internal mechanism and an external spring system. The force of the weight compresses the springs located at the top of the wheel and releases the springs at the bottom. Using the center as a pin, this mechanism converts energy and reduces the friction force in the opposite direction, which facilitates rotation. The result is amazing: pedaling is 30% easier.

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An alternative to e-bike?

Of course, this assistance has its limits (it will be very ineffective on a steep climb and could damage the bike). However, the list of its qualities is long for cyclists who are not attracted to electricity:

  • SuperWheel is adaptable to most traditional bicycles
  • Without a battery or motor, the bike remains light
  • No restrictions on autonomy
  • Easy to install
  • No polluting or complicated recycling of electronic components
  • For less than € 500, it’s still much cheaper than an e-bike!

The mechanical wheels are revolutionizing

Simon Chan says he started thinking about an improved motorcycle when he was 14 years old. His project won a Innovation voucher from Enterprise Ireland, which helped fund research and development, in which he collaborated with the University of Ulster in 2010. In 2013, the prototype was completed.

This bike is now available for pre-order on the SuperWheel website for EUR 475 and is available in two sizes: 700 mm and 66 cm. The first deliveries are scheduled for August next year.

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