Symptoms of death in the final stages of colon cancer

Symptoms of death in the final stages of colon cancer

Symptoms of death in the final stages of colon cancer

Colon cancer is a type of cancer that can often be seen in both men and women. While experts report that 10 percent of cancer cases in Turkey are detected as colon cancer, colon cancer is also reported to be the 3rd most common type of cancer. However, early diagnosis is very important in colon cancer. So what are the symptoms of colon cancer? What is the life expectancy of a patient with colon cancer who has reached the final stage? Here’s everything you need to know about colon cancer.

Symptoms of end stage colon cancer

Early diagnosis of colon cancer has an important place for a good treatment outcome. Colon cancer has more visible symptoms than other types of cancer. Therefore, people can detect colon cancer at an early stage. Here are the symptoms of colon cancer:

  • Although people do not experience any problems during the emptying process, there is a feeling that they need to empty themselves.
  • Irregularity occurs during defecation. Along with long-term constipation and diarrhea, constipation and diarrhea can gradually appear.
  • Bleeding may occur during stool.
  • Feeling sore and pain during bowel movements can be one of the symptoms of colon cancer.
  • One of the symptoms is the occurrence of white secretion in the stool during defecation.
  • There is a swelling of the abdomen and intense pain.
  • In the final symptoms, loose stools and the need to go to the toilet are more common. In addition, occult blood loss is one of the last symptoms of colon cancer.

How long does a person with end-stage colon cancer live?

In the last stage of colon cancer, the cancer cell begins to manifest in other organs and tissues. Although life expectancy in the final stages of colon cancer cannot be clearly stated, the use of smart drugs and treatments by the British Cancer Research Center has been found to increase patients’ life expectancy by up to 20 percent.

Is Phase 4 Cancer Treatment Possible?

Stage 4 colon cancer is the final stage of the disease. Chemotherapy continues at this stage. In addition, the patient is treated with radiotherapy. Surgical interventions are also used to treat grade 4 colon cancer. However, stage 4 is a difficult process for the patient, because the cancer also affects other organs and tissues. Early diagnosis of colon cancer therefore facilitates the treatment process and reduces the risk of death.

What will happen in the final stages of colon cancer?

  • In the 4th and final stage of colon cancer, these cancer cells begin to manifest in other organs outside but close to the lymph nodes. Although surgery is performed, it will not be sufficient for treatment. Therefore, people also receive radiotherapy and chemotherapy.
  • As the body weakens at this stage, one must spend time in bed.
  • Difficulty performing basic functions such as eating and drinking water.
  • Experience fast weight loss.
  • The level of pain rises.

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