Symptoms of pregnancy in the 4th week

Symptoms of pregnancy in the 4th week

Symptoms of pregnancy in the 4th week

Pregnant women are also curious about the symptoms as the pregnancy progresses over the weeks. Some women try to conclude if they are pregnant with the changes that occur in their body without undergoing a test. Although these changes and symptoms that women observe to understand whether they are pregnant or not have some degree of error, especially from the 4th week, the baby shows its presence in the mother’s womb more clearly. So what are the symptoms in the 4th week of pregnancy?

Symptoms of pregnancy after 4 weeks

While the 4th week of pregnancy is very comfortable for some expectant mothers, it is difficult for some. Here are the symptoms that appear in the 4th week of pregnancy:

  • The menstrual cycle is delayed.
  • Along with the week, the feeling of chest pain increases and sensitivity begins.
  • There is an increase in nausea.
  • A metal-like taste begins in the mouths of pregnant women.
  • One constantly feels tired and wants to sleep.
  • Brown spots may appear on the skin.
  • The hair thickens. The hair is revitalized and has a more radiant appearance.
  • As the need to drink water grows, so does the need to go to the bathroom.
  • He develops extreme sensitivity to the odors that arise around him.
  • There is bloating in the abdomen. Digestive problems may begin.
  • Pain resembling menstrual cramps appears in the groin, but is milder.
  • He becomes more willing and hungry to eat.

What happens in the 4th week of pregnancy?

The beginning of the 4th week is given for the period in which pregnancy affects women the least. During this period, most expectant mothers have very few external symptoms. At the end of the 4th week, however, the hormone Beta HCG rises rapidly, which gives the final result of the pregnancy. However, a pregnant woman begins to adapt more quickly to the pregnancy process. There are also many symptoms, from nausea to bloating and increased appetite.

Is groin pain normal in the 4th week of pregnancy?

The 4th week of pregnancy is considered to be the beginning of the period when the menstrual cycle ends. During this period, however, menstrual spotting occurs, albeit slightly and rarely. In addition, groin pain is one of the problems that pregnant women care about. Contractions and pain that occur in the groin in women in the 4th week of pregnancy are not dangerous. These pains may recur in this process. However, if these pains are unbearable and prolonged, the pregnant woman should not neglect to see a doctor.

What should be the beta value of HCG in the 4th week of pregnancy?

The HCG beta is the test that gives the clearest result on pregnancy. The application of this test is relatively simple. It occurs with a value tested in the blood. The beta HCG value in a pregnant woman is less than 4. Therefore, if the Beta HCG value in the tests is 5 or higher, the pregnancy is definitely realized. In this context, the Beta HCG value of a pregnant woman at week 4 based on tests should be 5-426 mlU / ml.

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