Tariff shield: finally catching up, the bill from 2023 promises to be steep

Tariff shield: finally catching up, the bill from 2023 promises to be steep

The tariff shield, announced in September 2021 and active until the end of 2022, will not be cost-effective for households. The Electricity Regulatory Commission is catching up with an increase of around 8% from 2023 rates, which could be smooth in two or three years.

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In the face of a historic rise in gas and electricity prices in Europe in 2021, former Prime Minister Jean Castex announced in September that he would limit the increase in regulated electricity prices to 4% instead of 44.5% (excluding taxes) from 1 February 2022. for natural persons) calculated by the Electricity Regulation Commission (CRE).

To reduce it to the promised 4%, the government asked EDF to increase by 20% the annual quota of electricity sold at a reduced price to its competitors, bringing the Arenh (regulated) cap to 120 terawatt hours (compared to 100 TWh). access to historic nuclear electricity), a mechanism that forces an energy company to sell its production to its low-cost competitors.

The increase despite the government’s promise

Price growth will not exceed 4% this year. (…) There will be no catching up next year leading to a new rise. The State and EDF will bear the costs of this measure “, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire reassured in an interview with Parisian on 14.

But it was before the war in Ukraine that highlighted the rise in energy prices in Europe. CRE plans to pay the tariff shield and compensate for the loss of earnings of suppliers who have agreed to freeze their tariffs. price increase of approximately 8% in 2023, as stated at the meeting of 31 March.

Have you wiped out the catching up in “two or three years”?

For a family of four, which is heated by electricity and today pays around 1700 euros a year (including subscription), the account will increase by approximately € 150 during the year
bonetrust our colleagues. An amount that only counts bets and which could therefore be added to the new rate increase in 2023. ” Due to its size (catching up), its extermination is planned, possibly within two or three years. The law gives the opportunity “, The government source refers to Parisian.

It remains to be seen whether the new government, which has made purchasing power a hobby, will extend the tariff shield beyond 2022 to allow households to limit the explosion of their accounts.

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