TESTIMONY. “I have never had a life, for € 1,200 a month the renewal is over”

TESTIMONY.  "I have never had a life, for € 1,200 a month the renewal is over"

Amandine, 24, doesn’t want to “Never work again” in restaurant operation. The waitress for five years in various restaurants in the metropolis of Rennes (Ille-et-Vilaine) broke down in 2020, shortly before her first birth.

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“I haven’t seen my friends, family, anyone anymore”

“I worked for a year in a restaurant that trained me, and I held a managerial position. My employment contract was for 39 hours, but I actually did it for up to 80 a week. No overtime paid or compensated. We understand that you do not have to have a personal life to climb. I just came home to sleep. I haven’t seen my friends, family, anyone.

When I started, I was young, I took a weekend job. I liked it at first, but gradually I was disgusted. All for 1,200 to 1,300 EUR per month. We can’t live. I don’t want to kill myself at work. I know that not all brands are like that, but there are a lot of them. In other places where I worked (especially in fast food), it was the same. Always give more for a very small salary. And lack of respect for employees.

“Some customers take us as dogs”

Even customers are hard: some take us like dogs, they call us by whistling or spoken language. We take it on, but it’s worse when you’re a woman, and it ultimately affects morale. Especially since in full operation the manager may not have time to listen to us and therefore intervene.

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I finally broke up. I was exhausted. I was sick due to depression. When the prison arrived shortly after, I was released. It was financially difficult because the papers were not sent immediately and I could not move with my imprisonment to rectify my situation. I was without income for three months, I could no longer pay the rent. Fortunately, my roommate helped me as much as he could. But it took me a long time to recover, both morally and financially.

I’m not surprised to see bosses having trouble recruiting. Because we realize that many do not respect their employees: too many hours, too much lawlessness, unmotivating wages … Since then, I have been working part-time, fixed-term contracts, taking the time to find what suits me. like. But the restoration is over for me, I will never return. »

TESTIMONY. “I have never had a life, for € 1,200 a month the renewal is over”

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