TESTIMONY. “We had no proposal from the company”: thousands of passengers without a solution after the cancellation of EasyJet flights

TESTIMONY.  "We had no proposal from the company": thousands of passengers without a solution after the cancellation of EasyJet flights

A few hours to unblock the situation and another bill of more than 1,000 euros: here Géraud’s Ascension weekend is largely ruined. On Thursday, May 26, he was to fly with three other people to Marrakesh to attend his niece’s wedding. But the problem with the computer led to the cancellation of dozens of EasyJet flights, including its own. The passenger is outraged by the airline’s methods.

When Géraud arrives at Roissy Airport in the afternoon, everything goes smoothly at first. “We’re going through customs, everything’s going well. Then we wait in front of the boarding gate to get on the plane.” This is when it gets stuck: “Suddenly the sign shows a 20 minute delay. Secondly, we see that it shows”flight canceled“But there is no announcement.”

Like other passengers, Géraud wonders and thinks of a mistake. An EasyJet employee present in front of the boarding gate finally informed them. “He tells us that the flight is canceled, that they can’t do anything, and we need to look into the application.” Concerns are beginning to grow among passengers. “Two more people leave EasyJet not to deal with the whole set of passengers”, said franceinfo. Finally, passengers are explained that this is a computer problem related to flight plans and that several other flights are canceled.

Géraud notices this failure and leaves to pick up his luggage stored in the hold on the corresponding carpet. Then the search for an emergency solution begins. “We will see other companies: Transavia, Air France, Royal Air Maroc … In the end, only Royal Air Maroc found a solution for us.” They find a flight to Casablanca, from where they take a taxi to Marrakech. And they will arrive in time for the wedding. The emergency solution, which costs: € 1,000 paid for four people on a Royal Air Maroc flight, does not include a taxi between Casablanca and Marrakech. But according to Géraud, that was the only option.

“We found the solution ourselves and with the help of Royal Air Maroc, but certainly not with the help of EasyJet, either on the phone or in an application that didn’t work.”

Géraud, an easyJet customer whose flight was canceled

on franceinfo

After the weekend, another obstacle course will start for Géraud and his family. “We can get compensation, but I think we’ll have to fight.” He says that he has so far only filled in a form to pay for the trip there and he has “no security” for the rest of the costs. “We’re not even talking about paying for taxis or the price difference between EasyJet and Royal Air Maroc. But we’ll see in the second step. It was urgent to be in Marrakesh for my niece.”

If Géraud did the most urgent thing in relative calm, he is very angry with society. “We are outraged. We had no offers. We were told to go to the application, but it did not work. The Royal Air Maroc told us that they were impressed that the company did not offer us any compensation.”

Géraud, who flies three or four times a year, is not his first disaster: “I’ve had a similar problem before at Vueling, I said I would never marry Vueling again. I will no longer travel with EasyJet.”

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