The Euro 7 standard will cover pollutant emissions from brake dust

The Euro 7 standard will cover pollutant emissions from brake dust

The requirements of the future Euro 7 emission standard are gradually being revealed and promise to be strict. Polluting emissions caused by brakes will be included in the standards to be met.

Euro standards have been evolving since 1991 to impose pollution restrictions on manufacturers. These mainly concerned car engines and included their emissions of fine particles.

The Euro 6 standard, already considered strict in 2014, has evolved several times to become Euro 6d. Its replacement, the Euro 7 standard, promises to force manufacturers to perform much better.

The calculation of fine and ultrafine particles thus takes into account the dust emitted by the brakes. In recent months, several reports have reported the pollution they cause. A fact that the European Commission has understood and will include in the future standard.

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According to the latest findings, the law will consider the need to reduce emissions of PM2.5 and nanoparticles from all types of internal combustion engines and brakes in conventional and electric cars. “, Describes the Commission’s plan in detail.

Hybrid and electric cars will of course have the advantage in this regard. Despite what some reports have emphasized, these two types of vehicles still have a clear advantage in terms of polluting emissions associated with braking.

The German Builders’ Union continues to protest

Manufacturers are concerned about the publication of the first targets of the Euro 7 standard. As it drastically strengthens the obligation to reduce pollution, vehicles with internal combustion engines will suffer.

The VDA, an association of German manufacturers equivalent to our CCFA, once again warns lawmakers. “ The law must be clear and in line with new technological developments Said his spokesman.

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If the association salutes powerful tool for improving air quality in cities » represented by the Euro 7 standard, warns against the need to make it a standard “ technically and economically balanced “.

On the other hand, the NGO Transport & Environment welcomes the progress made by this standard, which will save tens of thousands of lives An obvious finding when we recall that air pollution kills nine million people every year.

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