The international press is confused by the maintenance of order at the Stade de France

The international press is confused by the maintenance of order at the Stade de France

SPORT – “Farce Stadium”. The English tabloid “The Sun” tells a lot about the vision of our European neighbors about the catastrophic evening that took place at the Stade de France on Saturday evening, May 28, during the Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool.

The German media are also surprised by UEFA’s organizational shortcomings. “An evening of chaos,” writes the most widely read newspaper in the country, Bild. “It’s a pity: the finals started with a half-hour delay due to the chaos at the entrance to the stadium,” the Catalan daily Sport published on its front page on Sunday.

British Labor MP Ian Byrne said on Twitter that he had “one of the worst experiences of his life”. The left-wing MEP present condemns the “terrible security” and the “life-threatening organization”.

in his article Sun publishes the testimony of Marvin Matip, the brother of Reds defender Joel Matip, who said he and his pregnant wife had to take refuge in a restaurant to escape the tear gas scattered in their direction.

I was caught with tear gas with supporters waiting quietly. It’s absolutely shameful.Jason Burt, Telegraph football editor

The Telegraph publishes an incriminating report by Jason Burt, head of the football section of the newspaper. “I was in front of Gate Y when I was caught by tear gas, which was used indiscriminately by the French riot police at the Stade de France. I spoke to the supporters, who waited quietly for some three hours as they reached my face and pinched my eyes, lips and tongue. I saw that we scattered some. I couldn’t believe it (…) It was absolutely shameful, “he said in a post.

Several correspondents from the British press seemed confused by current French police technicians, who had previously been criticized by rebel leader Jean-Luc Mélenchon that day.

I have not seen any behavior that deserves such a response from the police. Just fans who want to see the match.Gary Lineker, former football international and sports journalist

Former English international and sports publicist Gary Lineker gives a direct message from a colleague from Sky Sports News and confirms the “chaotic” evening. “The treatment of spectators who went quietly to a football match was terrible and unfounded. I have not seen any Reds behavior that deserves such a police response. Just fans who want to see the match, “he insisted.

In a widely reported report, a sports journalist from Daily mail Dominic King states that “the French police used pepper spray for no reason. The way these people have been treated is a disgrace, “he believes, without seeing remorse for English supporters, while Gerald Darmanin pointed out their responsibility this Sunday and focused on those armed with fake tickets.

ESPN journalist Mark Ogden has posted a video on Twitter where we see calm fans broadcast behind the Stade de France barrier being sprayed with pepper spray. It has been viewed more than eight million times. Proof that these kinds of scenes, to which we are already accustomed, should not be so common.

At the end of the day this Sunday, many French internet users demanded the resignation on Twitter of Interior Minister Gérald Darmanin with #Darmanindemise.

A ministerial meeting will be held on Monday to “identify the dysfunctions” that have taken place around the match, the sports ministry said in a statement on Sunday.

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