The new Citroën C5 X Plug-in Hybrid: the queen of comfort

The new Citroën C5 X Plug-in Hybrid: the queen of comfort

Thanks to the partnership between Citroën and Automobile Propre, Olivier is testing the new C5 X, the brand’s new grand tourer for 15 days, in a 225 hp Plug-in Hybrid version. After a week behind the wheel, here are his first impressions…

The elegance of a statutory sedan, the profile of a sporty station wagon and the side of a small SUV with an unusual ground clearance (19.4 cm), plastic wheel arches and large 19-inch wheels … The new C5 X is an atypical range, a unique mix of genres which were DS, XM and CX. Exactly the car Olivier appreciates. “ Finally, the beautiful sedan, as I like it, changes the fashion of all SUVs ! he tells us.

“I drive almost exclusively in electric mode”

Olivier, a fan of alternative technologies, is all the more curious when he gets behind the wheel and tests his Plug-in Hybrid version. It combines a 1.6-liter PureTech with an output of 180 hp with an electric motor with an output of 110 hp for a combined output of 225 hp and a torque of 360 Nm.

A few years ago, I was skeptical that electric or hybrid cars could be a credible alternative to internal combustion engines. But today, given their progress in autonomy and their very good driving pleasure, I am convinced of their interest. We even get the impression that we are making a small gesture for the planet ’”continues and adds: This C5 X Rechargeable Hybrid is also especially suitable for my everyday use. Since I drive about 90 km a day between Rennes and Vitré, I drive almost exclusively in electric mode. By recharging one night at my home at a standard outlet and then again, as soon as I arrive at my workplace, where there are several Green’up outlets jsem, I’m right in the window of its electrical autonomy (Citroën, announces up to 55 km in the WLTP Ed cycle) “.

Note that the New C5 X recharges its 12.4 kWh lithium-ion battery to 100% in 7 h 05 on a standard socket, in 3 h 55 with a mode 2 cable on a Green’up socket ™, in 3 h 25 on a Wallbox with cable in mode 3 and in just 1 hour 40 minutes with a 7.4 kW on-board charger offered as an option for EUR 400.

During the first week of use, Olivier covered 430 km with an average consumption of only 1.8 liters of gasoline! And it has perfectly adapted to the C5 X control, which it considers “spacious”, easy handling “s” good feeling out of the way “and especially” super comfortable “It is true that in addition to the quiet operation of the plug-in hybrid engine and the layered front and rear windows, which perfectly insulate external noise, the large Citroën package puts the side of driving comfort with a new one.” Active Citroën Advanced Comfort suspension By combining progressive hydraulic stops with active steering, it smoothly adjusts the damping hardness of each wheel to the unevenness of the road and even adapts to the selected driving mode (Electric, Hybrid, Comfort or Sport).

The “flying carpet” effect has never been felt so well, especially since the new C5 X benefits from “Advanced Comfort” seats with a new generation of dual-density foam that provides an even softer welcome than before…

“We find Citroën’s DNA, it changes from the SUVs we see everywhere! »

Olivier (52), Logistics Director, Rennes (35)

Like my colleagues who only gave me compliments, I really like the lines of this C5 X. It has a nice balance between sportiness and elegance and many very nice little stylish details, such as an openwork rear spoiler and a small fin.

We find Citroën’s DNA, changing the SUV we see everywhere! The interior also surprises me very positively. Unlike most sedans I’ve been able to drive, it’s less like getting in a car. Once mounted, you absolutely don’t feel cramped in the cab, I even find it very spacious, especially in the rear seats, especially since the slightly elevated driver’s position is also perfect for understanding the contours of the body.

The atmosphere on board is warm thanks to the very beautiful leather seats and the touch screen, which thanks to its large size creates a real surprise. Ergonomics is also fancy, even if I find the gearshift controls and the “Brake” mode control too small, which is a bit awkward when I want to manipulate them while driving. Similarly, due to the size of the C5 X (4.81 m long Ed), I expected a larger suitcase (485 lu of this Plug-in Hybrid version against 545 lu thermal versions, due to the presence of the battery, editor’s note). Fortunately, it is very affordable and very accommodating.

Otherwise, I immediately felt confident behind the wheel of this C5 X, with which we benefit from very good visibility and a great feeling from the road. The Ë-EAT8 automatic transmission could respond a little more to my taste, but the torque of the electric motor is a guarantee of security and peace of mind. Power is available immediately. A treat, we really feel like we have magical powers! Especially since this Citroën is clearly a comfortable car, both with very soft suspension and great quiet operation, which means that I appreciate being able to relax and listen to my radio station in the evening after returning from work. .favorite “.

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