The new Terra blockchain (LUNA) is officially launched and airdrop has begun

La nouvelle blockchain de Terra (LUNA) est officiellement lancée, et l

Terra 2.0 is officially active

and first block new blockchain Terra officially made this morning at 7 p.m. (French time). The main blockchain network is now called ” Phoenix-1 “.

As stated in the Terra press release, decentralized applications (dApps), who have decided to follow the branching path, will have to “restart” in this new network. We also advise you follow announcements on their social networks (Twitter, Telegram) for this purpose.

This is also possible on a model similar to the previous one delegate your LUNA to network validators be rewarded for it. Note that your betting rewards can be paid out at any time.

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And what about the new tokens?

As announced To Kwon via Twitter it is already possible see LUNU you own from Terra Station Wallet. To do this, just connect to it and refresh the page.

If you don’t see them, make sure you’re connected to a network. Mainnet from the wallet. To do this, go to the application options and then select ” Mainnet at the line level Sew “.

To return to the network classical (especially if you have UST or aUST), select the latter instead.

It seems to be for many users new tokens are only visible from their computer wallet. If you also do not see them from your wallet on your mobile, we invite you to check on your PC.

According to Do Kwon, the Block Explorer Terra Finder is up and running for the new network. Therefore, if necessary, it should be possible to view your transactions or the status of your wallet.

Note that as stated in Do Kwon’s design of the branch, most of the new tokens are locked for a variable time, especially to avoid massive resale. It is therefore normal that the number of LUNA tokens appearing in your wallet may seem low.

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