The Paris Stock Exchange continues to grow, surpassing 6,400 points

The Paris Stock Exchange continues to grow, surpassing 6,400 points

On Thursday of the holiday season, investors present in the Paris market were reluctant to take the initiative. Only 2.85 billion euros were processed Bedrooms 40which ends sharply by 1.78% to 6,410.58 points. Good arrangements on Wall Street where Dow Jones takes 1.8% a Nasdaq 2.2%, supported this trend, as well as hopes for new measures to support the economy in China.

According to Prime Minister Li Keqiang, the country’s economy is on ” critical moment “in the face of trouble” who were in some ways even more important than in 2020 “while under Covid’s zero policy, the authorities imposed drastic restrictions and restrictions that affected almost a third of wealth creation in terms of gross national product. According to the notes he would make and pass on FinancialTimesChinese authorities ” ensure whether the economy is growing in the second quarter “With the goal not being high and not far from the 5.5% expected for this year. Li Keqiang complained about unsatisfactory progress in returning to work, with some provinces reporting a recovery rate of only 30%. He will have to get to 80% quickly, the prime minister suggested. As early as Monday, the political leader announced new support measures, including tax cuts on car purchases, extensions of loans for consumers and businesses, and even more infrastructure projects.


Across the Atlantic, minutes (minutes) from the last meeting of the Fed, which took place on May 4, showed that monetary officials unanimously voted to raise the interest rate by 50 basis points. Fed fundsin the range of 0.75% to 1%. They agreed that ” the US economy was very strong, the labor market was extremely tight and inflation was very high. This confirms the scenario where the central bank will raise its key rates again by a total of 100 basis points in June and July. For Paul Ashworth, an analyst at Capital Economics, these two screw turns will clear the way for a tightening of 25 basis points during the last three sessions this year. ” We believe that after the July meeting, the Fed will monitor further macro data to raise rates, which means that the trajectory of policy after July will depend on inflation and progress in resolving the imbalance between supply and demand in the labor market. says Bob Miller, a bond strategist at BlackRock.

In terms of values, the news was bad. The luxury sector stood out, backed by hopes for stimulus measures in China. LVMH, Hermes and Kering profit between 2.45% and 3.67%. Aviation also excelled, with securities rising just over 4%. Saffron and Airbus. On the contrary, a manufacturer of seamless tubes Vallourec fell by 7.14% after the announcement of the placement of shares by several investors at a price of 12.20 euros per share, which is a discount of 12.5% ​​compared to Wednesday’s closing price.


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