The photographic quality of smartphones could quickly surpass SLRs

The photographic quality of smartphones could quickly surpass SLRs

According to Sony, the quality of smartphone photos could surpass SLRs in two years, thanks to ever-increasing sensors and even brighter lenses.

Sony Xperia Pro-I photo module // Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid

If smartphone design seems to have stagnated for several years, there’s one area where manufacturers are focusing their efforts: photo quality.

To this end, they now offer ever larger sensors, partnerships with renowned brands in the world of photography or real optical zooms on the latest models. What some manufacturers have hoped for will bring the quality of photos of smartphones and SLRs closer together in the coming years. This is especially the case with Terushi Shimizu, head of Sony’s semiconductor division. According to the Japanese agency Nikkei, the head of Sony wants to say the least optimistic about the quality of photos of smartphones in the coming years. “We expect photos to outperform DSLR images in the next few years.”announced at Friday’s briefing.

Needless to say, Sony is no stranger to the photographic quality of smartphones. Of course, we first think of the Sony Xperia smartphones designed by the manufacturer, some of which offer large sensors, such as the Xperia Pro-I, or real optical zooms, such as the Xperia 1 IV. But Sony is also a manufacturer of photo sensors for all other manufacturers. Together with Samsung, they are the two main suppliers of high-end photo sensors for all smartphones on sale. Suffice it to say that Sony is constantly improving the quality of pictures taken by smartphones.

Better quality thanks to larger sensors

To explain this increase in quality in the field of smartphone photography, Terushi Shimizu relies on an ever-widening lens aperture and increasingly efficient sensors to control digital noise. This better management is largely based on the integration of ever-increasing photo sensors in the smartphones themselves. For just over a year, we have witnessed the arrival of smartphones equipped with 1-inch sensors on the market, both on the Xperia Pro-I from Sony, but also on smartphones from Sharp and Leica in Japan. Most major smartphone manufacturers have also been equipped with sensors that are getting closer to the one-inch format.

“Around 2019, it was said that smartphones would develop three components, a battery, a display and a camera. While the other two have technically reached the ceiling, we can still expect improvements in photography », says Terushi Shimizu. In the coming months, we expect at least two smartphones to enter the market with a definitive increase in photo quality: OnePlus 10 Ultra – in collaboration with Hasselblad – and Xiaomi 12 Ultra – in collaboration with Leica. In the face of Sony, Samsung is also increasingly communicating with its own Isocell HP1 photo sensor, which is capable of capturing 200 megapixel images.

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