The program will include the new Dacia Duster 3. 4×4 transmission

The new Dacia Duster, known internally as code P1310, will undergo a revolution in 2024. For this third generation, the Romanian manufacturer started from scratch, mainly thanks to the adoption of the new technical basis CMF-B, which is already equipped with Sandero. and Jogger. As for the exterior style, everything has been known since the spring of 2021 when patents accidentally leaked. The athletic lines of Duster 3 will be shared with Bigster, a seven-seater big brother, which we discovered at the beginning of 2021 in the form of a concept very close to the serial model (planned for 2025).

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The thorny issue of the 4×4 version

Dacia duster 3 2024 4x4
The style of the new Duster will come as no surprise, as patents leaked in the spring of 2021.
dacia duster 3 2024 hybrid e-tech
The Romanian SUV will excel in its athletic style in line with the brand’s “outdoor” image.

Under European pressure to reduce CO2 emissions, many manufacturers are moving away from the 4×4 version. At the beginning of 2021, Denis Le Vot (Dacia’s boss) told us about this topic: “We’re working on a proposal, but the equation is damn complicated.” We look at how far we can go. Working on it”. It’s hard to imagine an all-wheel drive Duster that’s part of a vehicle’s DNA. In France, this model is popular in mountain areas, as well as among professionals and authorities. It must be said that in this category, the available models can be counted on the fingers of one hand (Fiat Panda 4×4, Jeep Renegade, Suzuki Vitara).

Dacia duster 2024 4x4 version

The tradition of all-wheel drive will continue on the new Duster.

According to internal sources, the Dacia Duster 3 will continue to be offered in the 4×4 version, but leaves its mechanical transmission with reducer for 100% electrical system. The engineers installed a small electric motor on the rear axle that will drive the wheels to provide additional traction in the event of a loss of grip or to have a 4×4 transmission in difficult terrain. This technical solution, more expensive than a mechanical system, will spread among manufacturers. Especially on future small SUVs from Stellantis, which will be launched from 2023: Jeep baby Renegade and Alfa romeo Brennero.

1.2 TCe engine for later

While Renault will introduce the new three-cylinder 1.2 to Austral in the fall of 2022, Dacia will initially ignore this mechanism for its other models for price reasons. The new Duster will follow on from the current line bet on 1.0 Eco-G with 100 hp on LPG and 12V mild-hybrid 1.3 TCe with 130 and 150 hp, which will allow the EDC automatic transmission to be permanent. These proposals will be relevant at least until 2027, when the new Euro 7 anti-pollution standard enters into force. It is likely that Duster 3 will inherit 1.2 TCe later on the occasion of its restyling.

Dacia hybrid e-tech duster 2024
Get out of the diesel on the new Duster. It will offer a hybrid version of 1.6 E-Tech, which Jogger inaugurated in 2023.

On the other hand, the 1.5 diesel replaced by the hybrid petrol version will disappear from the catalog. The Romanian SUV borrows a 145 to 1.6 E-Tech known under the hood of Renault (Clio and Captur) and Nissan (Juke). Ceremoniously introduced in Dacia by Jogger in 2023, this sophisticated system will still be simplified compared to the cousin version. If the Duster remains the cheapest SUV on the market, its price position will rise by one or more degrees, depending on the version.


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